What are some resources on Miracles?

(Sarah West) #1

Hi everyone,

Many skeptics seem to be able to accept or at least consider the NT/life of Jesus as possible. I heard something interesting concerning the OT. The hang up seems to be around miracles. Most can accept the history/genealogy but the miracles seem to cause the doubt.

I agree and think before you can move forward, the concept of miracles needs addressing. However, I struggle with how to discuss miracles.

What books have helped break down this topic for you? Podcasts?

Thank you! Sarah

William Blake and the Poetic Genius
(SeanO) #2

@Swest Do you have any specific questions regarding miracles? A class book on the topic is ‘Miracles’ by C. S. Lewis - I have provided a link to the book and a fun doodle below. A more recent book by Eric Metaxas on the subject may also be of interest.

My experience is that people who reject the idea of the supernatural - anything beyond this natural world - by definition cannot believe in miracles. The real problem is not miracles - it is that they have rejected the very idea of God - or of anything beyond our 5 senses. A belief in a supernatural God precedes belief in miracles. If you reject the idea of a God who is outside of nature, then miracles are an impossibility. However, if you accept that God created the heavens and the earth by the word of His mouth and that all things hold together in Him, what is there to stop Him from altering the laws of nature as we know them? He created them in the first place…

(Sarah West) #3

Thank you. I don’t have questions right now, just looking for further resources. I love C.S. Lewis! I was listening to RZIMs “Just a Thought” on the topic of Four Questions of a Skeptic. Got me to thinking about miracles. I appreciate your thoughts.

(Deborah Castellanos) #4

Hi @Swest ,

Thank you for sharing this question with us!

I was recently gifted a book by Lee Strobel: The Case for Miracles, that I wanted to share with you. I have not had the chance to read yet. I am also aware of Craig Keener’s Miracles: The Credibility of the New Testament Accounts.

Hope this helps!

(Sarah West) #5

It does help! Thank you @Deborah_Castellanos

(Robert Anderson) #6

The most impactful piece of work I’ve read on Miracles is by G.K. Chesterton. In his book Orthodoxy, he has a chapter called “The Ethics of Elfland”. After reading it the first time I was completely lost but after about the 5th or 6th time and a bunch of journaling to work out my thoughts, I finally started to wrap my head around what he was saying. He brilliantly uses fairy tales to highlight the arbitrariness of nature and how it is more intellectual to speak of repetitions in nature in terms of “magic” and “enchantment” rather than “law” and “necessity”.

It’s a very tough read in my opinion but 100% worth it to battle through it.

(SeanO) #7

Keener gave a few lectures at Talbot that were good - mainly a listing of eyewitness evidence of miracles. He also mentions that David Hume popularized the idea that eyewitnesses to miracles are not credible because miracles do not occur and that this argument is circular. If we have 2 eyewitnesses to a traffic accident and then someone who wasn’t even there tries to say the accident never happened, we trust the witnesses rather than the person not there, but in the case of miracles we are ignoring lots of eyewitness testimony.

(Nathan Griffin) #8

Hi Robert!

Nice to see your insight and heart for Jesus on the page again. Hope you are well.