What Are Some Tools We Can Use Against Guilt and Temptation?

Hey Sanj, thanks for taking the time to contribute here. My story is in many ways similar to yours in that I had prodigal binge. Do you have flashes of recollect where you sense the tempter urging your reflection back to prior times - either in terms of temptation to sin or imposition of guilt/regret. If so, how does that manifest itself in your life (if you can share)? And, what tools or processes do you employ against either, besides the obvious discipline of prayer and devotion, if anything else?


Hi Scott and nice to meet you! Your question is a great question. I do struggle with my past with some guilt but I quickly know that there is no condemnation when in Christ Jesus (Romans 8:1). There are triggers that remind me of my past and there are triggers that remind my wife about my past and that is a consequence of my past. But I know that it is the enemy that is putting these thoughts in our minds. It is expected but the more that I build trust with my wife the less the triggers for my wife. And the closer I walk with the Lord The less the triggers. The Lord removed most of my desires(alcohol-10 yes sober) from my past but it doesn’t mean that I am not tempted. I do get flashes of my past but my past is something that motivates me not to go back to. I have something that is more desirable which is the love of Christ. I definitely communicate much more with my wife than I ever have and that has been the key to our marriage. Communicate and resolve conflict quickly.
But I really want to make sure that you know that all of these things in my life to restore my marriage was not easy. It really helps that my wife is walking with the Lord alongside me! I like to say that we are running the same race. You definitely want to walk with the Lord with community and with other men in your life. I believe you shouldn’t just have one mentor but have a handful who may have gifting in different areas rhat can help you. For example I have men that have experience with purity. I have a gentleman that’s very good with finances and another one that is extremely good in theology.So don’t be isolated and have community and fellowship.

I hope this helps Scott

God bless you and your family.



Thanks for your transparency. Your remarks are on point. I feel the same way. God bless. Thank you for taking the time.