What are the best resources to start studying apologetics on a broad range of topics?

Dear Mr. McAllister,

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to answer our questions.

I am part of a women’s Bible study group that ranges in age from early 30s to late 60s. A desire to study apologetics was recently expressed, but we have not yet found a curriculum or book to study as a group. We would like to delve into topics such as the historical accuracy of the Bible, scientific research that supports the Bible, and how to respond to people of different worldviews (like atheism, Islam, Mormonism, etc). As I am writing this, I feel a keen sense of awareness that each topic could be studied independently. But do you know of any resource that covers a broad range of topics that can help us get started?

Thank You.


Welcome Laura.

Glad to have you involved and nice to hear from you. It is exciting to hear of your interest and of the group study. There are now quite a lot of resources b\generally available, from books, to online curriculum and such. We have the Everyday Questions series which you can view on our resources page, and it was a designed to help small groups work through the approach to apologetics and evangelism and the basics of dealing with questions and process. 2 books that I think are very helpful and would commend are Mere Apologetics by Alister McGrath. My colleague in Peru has been using this for a couple of years in annual classes there and has found it very effective for seeking christians to get a clear sense of what is involved and I really think it is a great resource. the other book, which prepares you for a robust worldview encounter, essential to apologetics, is Grand Central Question by my colleague Abdu Murray. We also have the RZIM Academy which offers 12 weeks of sessions and interaction and requires a strong commitment. I think between these, you may have some viable options.

Regards, Stuart.