What are the best ways or illustrations to present Jesus to those from Asian cultures?

Hi Yutaro!!

Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer some of our questions! My question is regarding evangelism.

I have several international friends, who are in university, from Asian countries (South Korea, Singapore, Nepal, etc.). In your experience, what is the best ways or illustrations to present Jesus to them that relates the best? We have developed true, intimate friendships and had many conversations regarding life, religion, and Christ but I still notice a certain reluctancy when it comes to taking that next step and learning more about Christ and what he taught so that can make the decision for themselves.

I would love any tips that you have for me!

Thank you brother!

-Cody Connally

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Hi Cody,
Thank you for your great question! I am really grateful that you are engaging in conversations with your Asian friends to share the gospel message. For many people from Asian culture, the relationship with their family and friends matters immensely, and the fear of how others will feel about them becoming Christian is often a huge stumbling block. I would like to share some initial thoughts on how we can encourage them to overcome this challenge.

  1. Clarify the nature of truth
    Truth is absolute, and it does not matter how you or your friends feel about it. Your feelings do not make 1+1=7. If they have explored and became convinced that Christianity is true, then we need to encourage them to take a stand for truth rather than finding temporary comfort in an illusion of peaceful relationships.

  2. The truth will set you free
    Pursuing the idol of approval of other people is exhausting because there is no end to it. At least many Japanese people seem to be aware of the darkness of being enslaved by how they are evaluated in the community, and we need to present the liberating message that the only audience they need to care about is God the Father. God loves and accepts us no matter what, which is a dramatically different message they are used to hear in their culture, and the peace we have in Christ is unchanging.

  3. They are called to be the first fruit in their family
    People often assume that if they become Christian, they have to endure a miserable life of being alienated in the community for the rest of their life. However, we need to remind them (and ourselves) that the God who transforms them can also transform their family and friends. Yes, it will be challenging to be the first Christian in their context, but God is hoping that they will be a blessing for the whole community. The fruit of Christian life is not meant to be enjoyed alone but it is to be shared with others. And nothing can stop God who raised Jesus from the dead, and it is this God who is sending them to their people as witnesses.

  4. Share testimonies of those who became the first Christian in the family
    Listening to real stories of people being the first fruit can be encouraging. I was very encouraged to hear the testimony of Nabeel and Abdu, who have faced extreme challenges in their process of seeking Jesus. Not many Japanese people face as many difficulties as they did, and the stories might give them a grasp of how the Lord can work in any given situation.

I hope they help and let me know if they might work with your friends. God bless you!