What are the Factors Involved that Led to the Changes in the Fight Against Racism?

BrandonCleaver ,
What do you make of the fact that in a very short period of time from the 50’s to today the struggle to end racism has gone from one that once went forward in the complete recognition that with God as their shield and defender, & led by Godly men of the church,( Dr. Martin Luther King ), even in the midst of the most brutal and dire circumstances the calm of heaven was their possession, and thru Him their purpose remained unshakable & destined to succeed in the keeping of His commandments, to present the day where unbelief, the throwing off of God altogether , and possession of the violent apprehensive soul of the sinner seems to be the new standard for public participation in the struggles present form?
What were the factors involved that led to this devolution of the movement in your opinion ?
Thank You for your devotion to God and to RZIM, Mike
" Keep me O Lord, from the hands of the wicked, preserve me from the violent man…"
( Psalm 140:4 )


Hi Michael, thank you so much for your question! I’ve recorded an answer to you that you can view here:

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Hello and God’s Blessings to you.
Thank you so much for thoughtful response to my questions, and also for being being able to so accurately perceive the gist of what I was asking about where I may have not been completely clear .
Looking back at my questions I can see where I could have been a little more specific .
What got me thinking about this quite some time before the most recent racial unrest we are going through, was a presentation that I attended on a MLK holiday a couple of years ago .
I expected to be shown some of the same old scenes that are quite familiar of Dr.King’s speech in Washington which by it’s very location was a quasi political event, but was surprised to be presented footage of some obviously much smaller gatherings of people in much more rural settings preparing
to begin the determined assent to full freedom in marching.
What immediately struck me was that they were preparing the night before in churches .
Their church was their base of operations and they were getting deep into the word of God to prepare
them for what they were to face the next day .
I guess the reason this so intrigued me is that , at least in my opinion, the reliance upon God within the civil rights movement has never been given it’s full due in the popular media .
They obviously prefer the emphasis on the political rather than spiritual .
And I think there was definitely intent , by white media & white politicians, to take ahold of & turn what was largely a movement whose reliance was on the Mighty Fortress of Faith in God into a movement dependent on politicians for their own purposes .
The white politicians had their “eyes on prize” , their " prize" being the black vote .
Which if you go back to the very end of slavery you can see it is always going to be a political issue when left up to the white politicians .
That is how you first got a black man legally counting for only 2/3’s of a vote .
Not much spiritual consideration in counting a Black man as only 2/3’s a man for voting purposes .
White politicians from the get go figuring what they could do with freed slaves in terms of using them for political advantage .
For me this taking things over by Godless whites politicians is where the movement largely stalled, and has inched along ever since .
And I largely see this process repeating itself once more .
Black Lives Matter being largely a white political organization put together by white college educated individuals.
Also an organization overtly anti-Christian, anti-Semitic and anti-Family.
For me as a Christian racism is sin , and only through the Love of God can the ultimate defeat of sin be accomplished .
God’s own people had been overcome and carried away by their enemies at one point.
But God had not forgotten them .
Their years of servitude was His way of training them for their future high mission among all the nations .
Through the mountain of bondage they had discovered a more spiritual view of God .
Thank You Again Brandon & God Bless + Mike

  " I will make all my mountains a way ."  ( Isaiah 49:11 )
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Thank you for sharing some of the background information that went into your question, Michael! These are insightful reflections. There are no doubt differences in the various movements for civil rights through the ages. Some more explicitly undergirded by Christian values than others. Despite the nuances of each movement, the very word injustice, or justice, are theologically rich terms that our amazing God has a lot to say about :slight_smile: And, brother, I agree, ultimately only the blood of Jesus can remove the stain of sin that permeates all of our hearts, including the sin of racism that continues to be quite an insidious one. Let us all display the love of Christ not only with words, but with deeds and truth. Thanks again for sharing, Michael. Such a pleasure to interact with you!