What are the habitual activities you think are most important to prioritize in order to grow as an evangelist?

(Carson Weitnauer) #1

Hi Lara,

A simple question: what are the habitual activities you think are most important to prioritize in order to grow as an evangelist?


(Lara Buchanan) #2

Hi Carson,

Sure! Here are 10 that have helped me J

  1. Keeping up friendships with non-Christians and really trying to find ways to show them that you care for them, support them, cheer them on!
  2. Every morning spend time with God specifically asking Him to provide opportunities for you to share your faith with someone. I remember as a teenager it began to be a running joke between me and God, because literally every day that I asked him for some sort of opportunity, by the end of the day I would look back and realise He had done it!
  3. Be aware of unhealthy motivations: fear/anxiety-based motivations, a desire to prove that you're right to someone who looks down on Christians, a sense of duty rather than delight… I find it helpful to search my heart and ask God to prompt me to be aware of these and then pray into them.
  4. On the other hand, be aware that the devil does NOT want you to share about Jesus at all so don't be put off if you feel discouraged!
  5. Prayer really is the key. Ask God to help you to pray, to know who of your friends to be praying for, how to be praying. Pray regularly. I remember during my second year in university a friend and I decided to meet for an hour once a week to pray for another mutual friend of ours who was pretty far away from becoming a follower of Jesus! We secretly met every Monday to pray. They were such dull prayer meetings. We couldn't think of new ways of asking God to break into her life, so we usually just repeated a few catch phrases. Anyway a few months into our doing this, out of the blue this friend called me up an asked me if she could come to church. That day she gave her life to the Lord (weeping at the front of church) and went on to become a missionary! Just thought I'd share that in case anyone is encouraged to keep praying even if it seems like you're just knocking repeatedly on heaven's door!!
  6. Practice asking good questions. Try to think of questions that could really help to open up a meaningful conversation. Questions about who they are, and what matters most to them, questions about faith. Questions like: 'Who are you most like in your family and why?', 'What would you describe as the happiest time in your life and why?', 'Have you ever had any experiences which might lead you think God exists?', 'If there was a God, what characteristics would you most want that being to have?'
  7. (Credit to Vince Vitale for this one) Keep a journal where you note down things which your friend has shared with you which seem significant to them. Especially questions that they ask. Spend time giving thought to what they have said and be ready to pick that conversation up again at some point. Even just being attentive to general anxieties and concerns can be a real way of showing God's love. William Wilberforce was known for doing this. He jotted down reminders to himself about his friends, reminding himself to pray for this or that, to lend a particular book that would be helpful, or simply to visit someone he thought might be lonely!
  8. Have a few different short 2 min versions of your testimony memorized so that if the opportunity arises you are prepared (and have a number of different ways of sharing it too).
  9. Read about other evangelists to stay inspired! (Becky Manley Pippert, Nicky Gumble for example always have encouraging, down to earth stories of people coming to faith!
  10. Do it. Share your faith. Ask God to help you find a way, today, to tell someone (with gentleness and respectJ) about the hope that you have. If you do it awkwardly don't worry! A few years ago my friend wrote to me to say that he had met a girl in Johannesburg who said that she knew me. It transpired that she was a girl I bumped into a few times during freshers week on my university campus who I kept inviting to church. For someone reason I always felt an urge to invite her when I saw her. But by the third time I noticed she began crossing over the street to avoid me. She never came to church and we completely lost touch. I remember thinking dismally that I had probably put her off church for life! Anyway she asked my friend to thank me and tell me that my invitations were the reason she eventually went back and gave her life to Christ. God can use even our feeblest attempts!

The Bible says that ‘The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few…’ If I am honest, it has often not seemed that way to me. But I remember Vince Vitale once asking us, ‘Well do you believe Jesus? Or do you think he was mistaken?’ … that question certainly got me thinking!

I hope that’s helpful.

If anyone else would like to share their activities, please do share them! I’d love to hear from you too!



(RZIM Connect Member) #3

Hi Lara, I’m so glad that Carson asked this question and grateful for your detailed response! What you shared is very practical and I will try to put them into practice.