What are the most important habits in your life that maintain a passion for God and for the work of evangelism?

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Hi Amy, one question I have for you: what are the most important habits in your life that maintain a passion for God and for the work of evangelism?

Ask Amy Orr-Ewing (December 11-15, 2017)
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Hi there it’s really snowy here so internet and power are a bit patchy. I think there are a number of key sustaining habits for an evangelist that I find really sustaining.

  1. Prayer - private prayer, prayer walking, family prayer, prayer with my team on a daily basis, prayer with the team over Whatsapp throughout the day, liturgical prayer, prayer in church. Read scripture and listen to God in his word.
  2. Worship - sung worship individually, as a family and Sunday by Sunday st our church. We would regular worship as an OCCA community too and whenever our speaking team gathers. This is often a context to pour out our hearts to God and to hear his voice powerfully and personally.
  3. Community - practise hospitality with close Christian friends enjoying regular food and fellowship together. Relationships deepen as we break bread together and we can encourage each other on this journey.
  4. Story telling - share and listen to exciting stories of God at work in your ministry and in the ministry of those closest to you. This encourages me so much - particularly with reference to our Middle East and Africa teams, university missioners and fellow evangelists. God is constantly at work I want to hear about it and talk about it! My family benefit from this so much…
  5. Laughter- the joy of the Lord is our strength. Laugh - it is good for the soul.

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Although I agree with all the points you have written down up here, I really have a heart for this 4th point you mention about the “Story telling”.
I LOVE to sing and express myself through music, although I don’t have any musical education.
But when reaching out to people and when preaching and especially for own growth in relationship with God, story telling is very strong.

When talking about the Bible to people they will listen, but when you share how you’ve applied it in your life and when people hear the blessings that it has brought and the teachings and the reality of every day live, they get hooked to every word.

  1. it builds up people and helps them to grow and excel in their lives. They see that the Bible is not just a story/history book from far far away times, but they find out it is a real living thing, when appropriately applied to live it will benefit you. And they will see that it works every day again and again and again, not just 2000 years ago.

  2. it benefits ourselves when we Tell Stories and share at what God does in our every day lives and ministry and work. It reminds us that it is an everyday reality and boost our confidence and grows our relationship with God since we are constantly reminded of who He is en what He does, every day again.

Keep sharing :slight_smile:

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