What are your challenges speaking and ministering in Turkey and other Muslim countries in the Middle East?


(Helen Tan) #1

Hi Senem

It’s lovely meeting you and thank you for spending time with us to answer our questions. I was wondering if you could share with us some of the challenges as well as successes you’ve had speaking and ministering in Turkey and other Muslim countries in the Middle East. Are there issues that people are grappling with that we could learn from in our own journey in apologetics?

Thank you.

(Senem Ekener) #2

Hi Helen,

It is very nice to meet you, too!
Thank you for your message and question.
What a privilege it is for me to engage with our greater RZIM audience from different parts of the world.

As you may know, our part of the world has been in a very difficult period socio-politically.
After the failed coup attempt in July 2016, Turkey has been in a ‘state of emergency’ period, which is still ongoing.
This directly effects how we serve in and around the nation. Additional to that, Turkey currently holds the largest number of refugees in the Middle East, around 3 million reported live in our country.

Because of the intense chaos, instability, hopelessness and desperation that people are experiencing on a daily basis, the issues and questions are very raw and real. It really is a life and death issue for many of them. Here are a few underlying themes that are wrapped around their questions:

  1. An increasing sense of apathy towards the meaning of life, purpose and desire to live on. Questions around these issues are mostly about the suffering, God’s existence and His involvement with people on earth.

  2. Questioning of one’s belief, mainly Islam and its credibility. Comparison of Bible and Quran, lives of Jesus and Muhammed, and life after death - heaven or hell?

  3. Search for healing - physically, mentally and emotionally. People are so broken and the need is huge. So, they come for the immediate necessities.

These are only a few to begin with. We as RZIM and the local church here are thankful to the Lord for allowing us to be present and active at such a time as this. With such a need so great, every moment, word, action and love demonstrated speak volumes.

Deep appreciation for your prayers and care!


(Helen Tan) #3

Hi Senem, thank you for letting us have a glimpse of what the people in Turkey are facing. There are great needs there in all aspects of life and I so appreciate that you are there in the midst of them, reaching out and ministering to them. I’m praying that the Lord’s love, wisdom, provision, protection and favour be upon you and the team as you bring the message of hope to all those in need.

God bless!

(Kay Kalra) #4