What are your Memories of Our Mentor and Friend, Ravi Zacharias?

This week, Vince, Jo, and Michael, along with the entire RZIM team and so many of you, are grieving the passing of our founder, mentor, and beloved friend, Ravi Zacharias. Join us on this week’s episode of Ask Away as we share personal reflections about the man who meant and continues to mean so much to us, and celebrate the legacy of one who, having spent his life running towards Jesus Christ, has at last arrived in his arms.

To read the announcement of Ravi’s passing from RZIM CEO Sarah Davis, click here. If you want to read Ravi’s obituary, you can find it here.

Share your thoughts, memories and interactions with Ravi Zacharias as we remember a gifted, humble and caring servant of God.


My first memory of Ravi was when he briefly appeared on the Glenn Beck TV show (the Blaze). I don’t remember anything he spoke about, but I remember his kindness to Mr. Beck and answering his questions. I am sure conversations happened between them and seeds were planted in Mr. Beck’s life. It was the first time I saw a person outside of my sphere who had been gracious in sharing the gospel of Christ to another world view. His kindness, firmness and passion for what he believed in is what is imprinted on me.


We are all processing the loss of our beloved brother, friend and leader, Ravi.
Loving him in Christ, experiencing this deep loss our souls while feeling the joy of Ravi being with the Lord is a lot to process through, its a bit contrary to the nature of mankind. I am happy that Ravi is not in pain anymore (ever again) and he is probably in a holy glorious stupor praising God :smile: right now!
We all know the Intellect Ravi is; Ravi marvelously developed the gifts which God gave him. I could list the qualities and praise him for that, instead, I want to give voice to the purity and sincerity of his heart from which life flows, still. He pursues truth and applies it, rightly dividing the word, never wanting to tear down a person but always building up, never showing any prejudices but always receiving and loving people. He loves the Imago Dei in all of us. It drove him on. These things stand out in my memory of him. This is how I will remember him :blush:
I have never met Ravi, but those who listen to his message, which rings true into the future, know that Ravi is humble and sincere.
I appreciate his team which was trained in their gifts under his mentor-ship. The one seed died so that many may come forth. May you continue to stand strong and united as your leader moved on to higher heights.
Much love in Christ


I’ve been blessed by Ravi’s messages online, and went to listen to him at a church when he came to our area. What I love most is his sincere compassion, I could always see it in his eyes and how he spoke.