¿What are your thoughts on Christian Evolution?

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It’s been said that there are huge records on Darwin’s work and recent research had added more evidence on this topic, C.S. Lewis and Francis Collins had an evolutionary approach on the origin, there’s a lot of books that try to reconcile these two (Creation and Evolution), my regular concern on this topic, is the use of the natural selection mechanism by a God of Love. ¿Do you think these two are reconcilable? ¿Why?

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(Mariah Larson) #2

Hola! He visto que usted habla español. ¡Que Dios le bendiga!

This is actually a subject I love to study. I will go ahead and say that I do not believe in evolution. There is some fascinating science that I would recommend you look into. A great book is The Case For a Creator by Lee Strobel.
I don’t think that our God of love stepped back and just let natural selection take over, and that book would be a great starting point to understand some of the science behind why.
A few things I like to ask people to consider though:
A concept called irreducible complexity. This basically states that organisms are too complex to have randomly evolved and continue to live while this process happened. For instance, the bacterial flagellum is a tiny motor in some cells. Each component absolutely has to made in a specific order at the right time, or the rest of it won’t work. If evolution “threw” together some parts but it wasn’t perfect then it wouldn’t just work poorly, it wouldn’t work at all. This principle is at work even it very low levels of life, not to mention the incredible complexity of the human body. Here’s a video that kind of explains that argument. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NaVoGfSSSV8&t=44s
Another thing is actually the fossil record. An agnostic scientist named David Berlinkski once estimated that just to go from a land dwelling creature to a sea creature, it would require roughly 50,000 changes to the organism. That’s just him scratching a modest calculation on a napkin. His point is that if it requires this many changes, there should be transitional fossils absolutely everywhere. It shouldn’t be hard to find them.
I also read an article once about what first cell that “evolved” would have had to contain already inside it. It would have to have specific information on how to pass on its genetic data and preserve mutations already in its genetic information in order to be successful, so you have to wonder where that information came from?
There’s information out there about the fine-tuning for life on earth and in the universe. That just means that if things like the force of gravity were even the TINIEST bit different, we wouldn’t be able to exist. Here’s a cool video about it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=55&v=EE76nwimuT0
I’m also going to attach resources from a couple video sessions from The Truth Project that deal with these. They have some good quotes and places to start if you’re looking for more things to research about this topic. I would highly recommend looking through those couple pages. http://storage.cloversites.com/valleychristianchurch1/documents/Lesson5Part1Web_000.pdf
Hope that was helpful, at least a little. Happy studying! Chao!

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Do you mean, what are our Christian thoughts on the topic of secular “evolution” (such as presented by Richard Dawkins), or do you think that there is a version of “evolution” that fits with the Genesis account of creation? These are 2 different questions.

The secular theory of evolution involves random mutation, and natural selection. The modern flavor of this is random mutation of DNA, and then natural selection based on favorable traits presenting through the DNA.

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Thanks, Si mi Idioma natal es el español, Thanks so much for your comment. I’ll review those links. God Bless You

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