What Are Your Top Three Tips for Evangelism?

Hi friends, @Interested_in_Evangelism,

At an RZIM event this weekend, one questioner asked this question of the speaking team:

What are your top three tips for us as amateur evangelists heading back to our homes desiring to impact our world?

I would love for each of us to join in this conversation and share what we have personally found to be most helpful in evangelism in our own lives.

What an amazing question!

For me it took 29 years to answer! I’ve been a Christian for 34 years. I’ll answer 3 to 1

#3 ask God to show you your strengths, abilities, and weaknesses.

For Example: While I am a passionate speaker my ability is in teaching, so I find one on one evangelism works for me as opposed to large groups.

#2. Study. Truth Scripture backing this up is Mark 12:30 In my own life I had been loving God with my heart, my soul, and my strength, but I had neglected my mind. 5 years ago I was heavily convicted when I was asked a question about my faith and could not give an answer for the hope that I have.

#1. Allow the Holy Spirit to guide you.

While I can imagine #1 seems like a well duh, my own personal experience is as humans we can be sidetracked by well intentioned Christians trying to help us and we listen to them instead of the Holy Spirits guidance. 1st John 4:1-6 teaches we are to test the spirits to discern if it is the spirit of truth or deceit. When I was younger I tended to listen to others in the church about what I was to do instead of praying and talking to God about their suggestions and if it was Gods will for me.


@John.Wright you beautifully outlined the key points for evangelizing.

I just want to add to your comments

*Repentance and Daily Introspection
Always check yourself to ensure that your motives and intentions are Holy. Also to correct any patterns and thought processes that might be going contrary to scripture. It’s hard for me to witness to others telling them to surrender to Jesus when there is something I am not addressing in my own life.

  1. Do not be silent.
  2. Work on your relationship with the Lord, daily.

What a terrific question with great answers- @A.Sheppard268, @John.Wright, and @brianlalor!
I would love to add to the the list…

  1. Prayer. Prayer is always at the top of all my lists! Praying not just for the words to say, but for the person with whom you are sharing with.
  2. Listen, listen, listen! :smiley: (added emphasis is for myself, as this is something that I am desperately working on!)
  3. Ask good questions. Which of course goes hand in hand with active listening.

Very helpful answers thus far- one more which has really helped me not get too ‘intense’ when sharing with others:
Recognise that it’s not our job to convince others - the Holy Spirit is the Advocate. Relax and trust Him!

  1. Live a good disciplined life with biblical moral values free of idolatry, sexual sins, consuming food sacrificed to idols are some examples.

  2. speak fearlessly, honestly and respectfully when evangelising.

  3. Use life experiences truthfully with the intention to help and lead.

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Well, since I’m following six others, I can use all of theirs, right? :wink:
Since I am just coming out of my “fear of evangelizing” shell, I can tell you some things I have done to show my faith.

  1. I really believe that faith without works is dead (James 2:17). So, I have done a lot of “random acts of kindess”, as the bumper stickers suggest. But, I have found that people have noticed that difference about me. My neighbor commented that I always do nice things for people. Hopefully, those acts will lead more to words soon.
  2. While John @John.Wright was good one on one, I have found my strength is in teaching to groups. I used to teach women in our local adult detention center and found that the women accepted what I had to say because they could see I cared about them, accepted them regardless of their station in life, and I didn’t try to put myself above them (at least that is what they told me).
  3. I am still in the process of devouring the book, “Forensic Faith”, by J. Warner Wallace. His emphasis on Christian witnessing is to know your subject thoroughly through careful and methodical investigation of the Scriptures. Don’t attempt to make your point until you know you can make it well.
  4. OK. So, I’m going over 3. Always be able to admit you don’t know the answer and will get back to the person…just be sure you do.

Well @sgewehr I loved your list and congratulations on emerging from the evangelism shell. I own every book from J Warner Wallace except the newest one.

Cold Case Christianity, Gods Crime Scene, and Forensic Faith.

While I share the gospel in a one on one setting at my church I teach our apologetics courses. The most awesome thing about J.Warner Wallace is if you buy his book he gives you the teaching materials FREE.

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Establish a relationship first.
Ask questions rather than giving answers
Be patient. Don’t get discouraged. Allow the Holy Spirit to guide you.