What are your views on the relation between the sovereignty of God and responsibility of man?

Hello @Sharon_Dirckx ma’am.
I want to ask, What are your views on the relation between the sovereignty of God and responsibility of man, which I guess is somewhat, the centre theme of your book- “Why?”, And great theologians have arrived to answer, And I myself am struggling with this issue. And also what kindof image the Bible paints of God with the mix of God’s sovereignty and man’s responsibility. So could you please light this issue with you views?


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Hi Albin, Thank you for your question. The subject of the sovereignty of God and the responsibility of man is a huge topic. My book on suffering actually focussed more on the apologetics questions that non-Christians are asking and combined this with stories from Christians of how they have journeyed through suffering. My view is that somehow both God’s sovereignty and man’s or woman’s choice are both fully at work. This is a mystery, meaning that God is fully in control and we can trust him with the events of history, but humans are also fully free to live a meaningful life. Ofcourse, humans use their freedom to do awful things sometimes and so we need to be active in seeking to overturn injustices and help those who suffer as a result of the folly of others. We see these Gods sovereignty and mans choice being upheld throughout scripture eg. in The Exodus from Egypt - Pharaoh chooses to say no to God but God also hardens his heart, and Gods plans to free his people come about despite Pharaohs power and attempts to keep them. Its hard to imagine why God would allow some of the horrors of our world to happen. I do struggle with this, but ultimately i end up at the Cross. God’s sovereign plans to save mankind - having been predetermined hundreds of years beforehand (arguably before time even began) - are fulfilled through the real and genuine choice of Jesus to lay down his life, and to overcome evil not by taking it away but by journeying through it. Its hard to understand. But somehow we have a God whom we can trust not to let the events of history spiral out out of control, whom has also given us the dignity of freedom, and has fully entered into our suffering as Jesus and journeys with us in it. Thank you for asking this question, Sharon