What attitude should a Christian take towards corruption and injustice in governments?

Hi everyone! My name is Susan, I’m from Peru. I would like to ask a question about: What attitude should a Christian take towards corruption and injustice in governments?
Would it be right for Christians to be involved in politics? In some conservative churches this has not been promoted, or has been frowned upon.
I think about this because in South America there are many political conflicts and corruption.

God bless you! :slight_smile:


Thank you for this excellent question!

I think about this a lot. I believe it is absolutely appropriate for Christians to be involved in politics. William Wilberforce was a British parlimentarian in House of Commons from 1780-1825. When he became a Christian in 1785, he considered leaving politics, thinking it was in conflict with his new found faith. He consulted with John Newton and William Pitt and they encouraged him to remain in politics. He then found his political career could be informed by his faith.

He campaigned against slavery in the UK for twenty years until the passage of the Slave Trade Act of 1807. Not content with merely the cessation of the save trade, he continued to push for the freedom of the slaves which had already been traded! It wasn’t until 1833, just before he died that same year, that the Slavery Abolition Act was passed.

His belief that all men are created by God and, therefore, are made in His image and should be treated as such gave him the verve and resilience to fight so hard for so long. God used him in politics to do tremendous good for millions of people.

He also founded many societies in including the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSCPA) believing our responsibility as Christians extends to the animal world as well.

Joseph was used in a place of politics. Daniel was used in a place of politics. David and Solomon were both political figures. I believe that Christians are called to all spheres of influence, including politics.

We should stand firm, like Shadrach, Meshac, and Abednego, against corruption in politics. It is not the state or serving the state that is at issue. It is the deification of the state and serving it as one would an idol that is the issue. If you want to read more on that read “Being Truly Human” by David Gooding and John Lennox.

As a Christian in politics you can bring the light into a very dark situation. I understand that the stance on this is particularly controversial in South America with Liberation Theology. But, I believe there is a balanced position to be had on the matter.

I would love to hear your thoughts!


@elpoderdetuamor.revival I love your heart for the broken and oppressed! And, given the state of politics in South America I can see why this is a question is on your mind.

Jesus told us to take care of the down and out, and the Scriptures teach us to hold to love, mercy, justice, and all types of goodness. However, there isn’t an explicit teaching of how to go about it. To me, this seems really freeing! As long as we’re loving our neighbor I think we have the liberty to help bring about the change that reflects Christ’s glory in a number of ways, including politics.


I think we take a stance when we vote and pray. I also think we should stand with Christian politicians in a visible way. With our prayers, finances, petitions, Rally’s, etc.

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Thank you all for your comments! I also think that Christians should get involved in politics, although in Peru we have not had good examples. Some Christian pastors or leaders here dabbled in politics through corrupt political parties. Somehow when acts of corruption are discovered it also stains the reputation of Christians for having made political alliances.
On the other hand I think that William Wilberforce is a great example for us about fighting for a just cause. It is what I see in the scriptures from the Old Testament, that God speaks to us of doing justice and mercy. I think that this should not be confused with socialism or communism, because they are doctrines that have caused damage to countries in this part of the world.


Hi Susan,
I live in the US and it is both obvious and critical that Christians MUST pray and be involved in EVERY aspect of our Country. We Christians are BY FAR the largest group of any kind here and yet it is the 1% and 5% groups who seem to have the most influence and the loudest voices. One thing that I believe that each of us can do is get involved at our local levels. We need to be ON the school boards and city councils. We need to be choosing our Mayors, Sheriffs and so forth. It is ALWAYS correct to speak the Truth in Love at all times to everyone. The TRUTH can and will defend itself/Himself in the long term. We just need to be faithful in learning, living and sharing the TRUTH. God Bless You!


In 2nd Samuel, Nathan the prophet confronted King David about his affair with Bathsheba. Throughout Jeremiah’s ministry he was in and out of prison, (mostly in) due to to his remonstrations against the king.
In the New Testament, Peter and John refused to refrain from teaching Christ. When Paul was arrested, he testified to several jailers. In Rome he preached to Caesar, he spent years in prison and was eventually beheaded, but I think his example is still good.

We SHOULD present our Christian values to those in authority, and should not allow dear if authority to diminish our testimony in the public eye.