What best refutes the infallibility of science and the scientific method?


(Helen Tan) #1

Hi Tom, thank you for this opportunity to learn from you. I was having a chat with a dear friend’s nephew who recently declared on his Facebook page that he’s no longer a Christian. He’s an academically brilliant young man who’s just graduated from medical school but unfortunately has chosen to distrust anything that’s not scientifically tested. I was wondering if you could share from your experience with young people like him on what best refutes the infallibility of science and the scientific method. Thank you.

Ask Tom Price (January 29 - February 2, 2018)
Ask Tom Price (January 29 - February 2, 2018)
(Tom Price) #2

Hi Helen,

Its amazing how much we know that isn’t able to be demonstrated by science.

The things that make life worth living, and science and medicine worth investing in can’t be proven scientifically either. Why is he doing what he is doing with medicine if he only does things that science has demonstrated to be true and real? What I mean is, that the values that drive the Hippocratic oath are not scientifically demonstrable either, but I expect that they are a significant part of his motivation?

The more recent emergence of scientific ways of knowing (useful and wonderful though they are) has made some a little over enthusiastic and a little quick to write off thousands of years of enquiry and research into human nature, love, cultural forms and other aspects of the world which are real too.

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