What book(s) would you recommend to study the historical-critical method?

(Jan Klein) #1

Hello everyone,

Does someone know a good book that gives a critical discussion about the historically critical method. (form criticism, source critisicm, redaction critisicm) I want to read good pros and cons.

Jan Klein

(SeanO) #2

@Chrysostomos That is a good question. After doing a bit of digging, here are three books I would recommend. The first book is, I suspect, the most readable.

The Lord Jesus grant you wisdom in your studies. Feel free to ask more questions.

(Jan Klein) #3

Sean, thanks for your digging.
I’ll have a look at the first one. The last two are more about text critics. I’ve all ready read some books (also Aland) about that subject. It is ‘the most save’ of the critics. I’m in for some more suggestions.

Jan Klein

(SeanO) #4

@Chrysostomos I agree the first book is a good choice. Enjoy.