What differentiates a homosexual couple in a longterm monogamous relationship and a heterosexual couple in a longterm monogamous relationship?

David, good day. My question: if a same-sex couple is in a long-term monogamous relationship what differentiates them from any other heterosexual couple in the eyes of Scripture?

Thank you



Hi Bill,

In the eyes of scripture, the thing that differentiates a monogamous gay union from a same-sex marriage is the profound theology of the image of God. This begins in Genesis one and stretches all the way to the revelation of Jesus in the New Testament, where the marital relation between male and female, woman and man, becomes the central icon of God’s salvation of humankind in Jesus Christ: the union of Christ, the bridegroom and the Church, the bride. God created us as male and female in the beginning, not to oppress LGBTQI people, but to reflect his reality and glory - that is unity within diversity - three persons in one essence. Further, Jesus reaffirms the teaching of the Old Testament that marriage is between a man and a woman (Matthew 19:4), and Paul in Romans 1 sees that same-sex activity contradicts this icon of marriage, rejecting the image of God in the beginning which is tied to the sexual differentiation of male and female. This is the watertight theological case for why same-sex unions cannot be equated to and fall outside of God’s design and purpose in the covenant of marriage for sexual expression. There is of course so much more to say on this topic but I hope we can cover this in further questions.

If you want to read further and deeper I recommend:
Chapter on Homosexuality in Richard B Hays, A Moral Vision of the New Testament
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Also consider reading the appendix in my book, A War of Loves, “What I Learnt the Bible Says About Homosexuality”