What do we say to someone that claims that no one can know the full truth, we only see in part, and, therefore, all perspectives are valid?

Hi Jacob,

Thank you for taking my question. I recently entered a conversation with a friend about the below info: I’m wondering actually how to resolve what he is saying g here with what scripture actually teaches. It feels new age sequence to me. I did mention to him that and asked how does sin, salvation and actualkynworkshiooing God fit in. He seems to want to always defer to “did you know the Christian Faith is not monolithic? And allow for all perspectives to be of value as though we can say yes to all perspectives as truth since we “only see in part”
This is also a friend that started out in his Faith in a fundamentalist church and New seems to have gone far left. Believing that the bible is not inerrant but a book to honor its principals while at the same to professing Christ.

In the end, I’d like to simply know how to approach this-to knownreally the right questions to ask him-
Thanks in advance - below is the note/ post
WARNING: For outside the box thinkers only.

Spirit = vibrational source energy

The spiritual teachers of old used a different nomenclature than the quantum physicists of today, but were speaking of the same dimension, I believe.

God, heaven, angels describes high frequency energy and devil, hell, demons are the lower forms of vibrational energy. It all resides everywhere and particularly within us: Jesus said that the kingdom of heaven is within you…but the inverse is true, the kingdom of hell is within you as well. The full spectrum of vibrational energy is in you, and then you will choose from which higher or lower signals you will resonate, that will then match exactly the life experience that you vibrationally attract.

The gospels communicate that “spirits” are seeking for places that will “house” them. We know that like attracts like.

It’s Interesting to me that the word “habit” and the word “habitat” originate from the same etymology. Your energy, your familiar spirits, your habits…have found a home in the vibrational habitat that you have created to house them. That can work for you or against you.

“If you build it they will come.”

Hi Kim,

The New Age philosophies are seeping rapidly into the Christian church. The question your friend asked is a symptom of that. Things are explained in terms of energy, vibrations, and relativism. It is no doubt a difficult challenge and needs to be addressed. But the problem is that they are so vague and fluid that it becomes difficult to know where to start. Here are a couple of pointers

Firstly try and tell them that one cannot interpret the bible any way they like to. There are appropriate methods and frameworks. The Bible is an ancient book written within the Jewish world, so it is unfair to impose concepts into the book that they were not aware of at all. It is not being fair to the text. Just as one wouldn’t take Hamlet by Shakespeare and start reading quantum physics into it. It will distort the text.

Secondly, if they are up for it (or even if they are not) get into a dialogue with them about the exclusivity of Truth and the laws of logic. Truth by definition is exclusive and cannot be inclusive- it destroys the very idea of truth and meaning. RZIM uses helpful methods of logic to help a person clarify their own thinking and assumptions. I am attaching a talk by Ravi Zacharias which I found very helpful in tackling New Age worldviews. He beautifully uses these laws and also gives great insights into the history and assumptions of the new age worldview.
The Gospel in Light of New Age Spirituality by Ravi Zacharias

I am also attaching some notes on New Age spirituality that I had compiled some time back to help with the important distinctions between the New Age worldview and the Christain worldview.
New Age Movement Notes.pdf (5.5 MB)