What do you cover in your talk on 'The Matrix of Life"?


(Helen Tan) #1

Hi Bala

Thank you for spending this time to share your knowledge with us. I was wondering if you could share with us some of what you cover in your talk on 'The Matrix of Life".

(Balajied Nongrum) #2
Hello Helen, well thank you for your kind words of welcome! It is indeed a great joy for me to meet you and all the others too through this this site.
Since, I find myself speaking mostly to an audience that are predominantly Hindu (Pantheistic) and sometimes even Muslims too, I generally prefer to take an approach that will be mostly evangelistic in nature. In doing so, my central theme would be to demonstrate how Christ (His Uniqueness) answers the most basic fundamental questions of life.
The three basic fundamental issues of life that we all face irrespective of one's caste (in Hinduism), creed and religion are:
  1. The fear of the future.
  2. The burden of the moment.
  3. The guilt of the past.
Christ gives us:
  1. Hope for the future
  2. Rest from all our burdens
  3. Forgiveness from our guilt of the past.
After the talk (which is a combination of Biblical text, reasoning etc) , I then take their questions for further clarifications.

(Kay Kalra) #3