What do you do when prayer feels dry and boring?

Hi Craig, what counsel would you give for when prayer feels boring, “dry”, or difficult?


I would say that you are in good company. One common feature of stalwart saints who have written about prayer and their prayer life is that it is a constant struggle. Here are four helps that I have gleaned from the “experts “ in prayer and have practiced fruitfully. 1) Get in a regular habit of prayer. 2) Pray for things you know about. If you are trying to change the course of events in deepest Africa and don’t know a soul there or a specific need, it is going to be very hard to stay at it. 3) Think of things of a fruit-bearing nature to pray about as often as you can. God seems to jump on those. And 4) keep a very brief log of your requests so you can go back a day, week, month, year and see how God has moved on your requests. All three of these combined can really keep prayer timely, interesting, and relevant—and sometimes wildly exciting.