What do you find to be the most important habits for an evangelist to prioritize?


(Carson Weitnauer) #1

Hi Bala,

I wanted to ask for your perspective on the key habits for an evangelist. What do you find to be the most important habits for an evangelist to prioritize?


(Balajied Nongrum) #2
  1. The first that comes to my mind particularly in the Indian context (that I am more familiar with) is on the 'Uniqueness of Christ' i.e., in what way is Christ unique from all the gods in Hinduism (or the avatars)...In the same line our Muslims friends too have raised objections to the claim of Christ being the son of God.
  2. More importantly here in India the question that is very often asked is on the issue of "CONVERSION" i.e., 'Why do you Christian want to convert others into your religion?'
  3. My hindu friends would very often ask me, "Are you saying that our (Hindu) 'scriptures' and our 'religion' is entirely wrong.... in fact if you insist on Christianity alone being the only true religion then don't you think that 'Hinduism' is far more older than any other religion and hence must be true...! In addition to this they also raise the question of "What is true spirituality?" Some would even make the claim that they are "Hindus" and at the same time are followers of Christ!
  4. How is it possible that the "sacrifice of one man" (who died about 2000 plus years ago) is sufficient to cleanse the sins of the world (past, present & future)
  5. What about those who have not heard the gospel...!
  6. The question of 'pluralism' that all roads (religions) will ultimately lead to the same destination...!
  7. If God then why evil & suffering?
  8. Questions on 'sexuality' in general and 'homosexuality' in particular.
  9. On the topic of 'Science & Religion' while speaking on the question of whether the relationship between the two is that of 'friends or foes', I was once asked, "Science in India doesn't need to deal with that issue because our science is much more superior....and does not have to deal with such conflicts!"
  10. Lastly, the question is on "Why do we need God in order to be good?
Well for someone who is new in Christian apologetics, I would recommend the following:
  1. First, one needs to be familiar with the most basic essential Christian belief (or the most basic Christian doctrines).
  2. Secondly, I think the understanding of the different worldview is also going to give one the added advantage of knowing the nature of the questions that one is being asked and this in turn will help us know a little better about the background of the questioner.
  3. Thirdly, depending upon one's context (or the burdens that we have for any particular group) one can specialize on that chosen worldview in order to become more effective.

(Kay Kalra) #3