What do you recommend for a middle school apologetics curriculum?

(Carson Weitnauer) #1

Hi friends,

I’ve had a friend of a friend ask for recommendations for a middle school apologetics curriculum. We’ve compiled some recommendations for a high school apologetics curriculum here:

What would you recommend for middle schoolers? Here are some resources I’ve heard from members of the RZIM team:

The Reason Why (Faith Makes Sense) by Mark Mittelberg

(You can see how his son, Matt, answers questions in Connect!)

Cold Case Christianity for Kids by J Warner Wallace

The Case for…Student Collection: A Journalist’s Personal Investigation of the Christian Faith by Lee Strobel

The Defense Never Rests by William Lane Craig

Learning Logic by William Lane Craig

The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis

Short Answers to Big Questions video series (RZIM)

What resources have you used and found helpful for middle school students?

(Shawn Cooper) #2

I myself took part in Worldview academy as a high schooler and know that they have some great resources that could possibly be used or adapted for younger students. As a childrens pastor of a very small church, I am continuously amazed, how wrong I am in my assumption of intellectually age appropriate content. Never discount a child due to age and make sure and throw in some things that are “over their heads”. You may be surprised at what they absorb that you never would have guessed. Worldview and Apologetics are two things very closely tied together and a subject I am currently undertaking with my church kids who range from 2-13.

(Matthew Mittelberg) #3

I’ve also heard great things about Foundation Comparative Worldview Curriculum. It’s unique because it was written by a teacher who got training in apologetics, so it’s written from an education perspective. Definitely worth checking out!


(Jennifer Wilkinson) #4

Thanks for the great recommendations! Do you find that middle schoolers in church tend to be Biblically literate (knowing the standard Bible stories, understanding how they fit chronologically, finding verses with confidence, and interpreting them accurately)?

If students are told about apparent contradictions in the Bible or “evil” things God did in the Old Testament, are the students able to open the Bible and find an answer? What are the best resources for building Biblical literacy in middle and high school?

I dream of writing apologetics material for young people, but I’ve realized I could get so excited about sharing evidence for the truth of Scripture that I miss noticing some of these students have no idea what’s in Scripture. I want to know about the best books available for apologetics and Biblical literacy so that I focus my energies in an area that’s not fully covered. Where do you see the greatest needs for more resources?

(Jana Lyons) #5

Hi! I have just ordered a curriculum called Starting Points for my 9th grade son. This is from https://www.cornerstonecurriculum.com. I am not sure how long you have - this is written for an entire 36-38 week school year. It is a course that incorporates Bible, Literature and US History. Would be worth reviewing the books used for some ideas. Here is the link to
Starting Points which shows the books used during the course. I am starting this with my home schooled son next week! Jana

(Jennifer Wilkinson) #6

@jmlyons Have you used any of the other curriculum from Cornerstone? I’m interested in their course Fine Arts: A Historical Perspective. I’ve been looking for a music history course for high school that would present the arts from a Christian worldview.

(Jana Lyons) #7

Hi Jennifer-no, I have not used the Art History book from Cornerstone.