What do you think is preventing us from seeing the same miracles we saw in the time of the Apostles?

I am relatively new to the site. So, thank you so much for this blessing! @Matthew_Mittelberg, I’ve been reading the book The Ministry Of Intercession by Andrew Murray and although I have not finish it, it has raised a few questions I hope you can help me with.
He talks about our lacking in prayer (the minute time we give it etc) and follows each chapter with references to the book of Acts. I’ve read about the power the Primitive Church had in prayer and fasting etc… and made me wonder:

  1. Is it the lack of discipline in prayer alone that is keeping us from evangelizing with the same miracles and power as the apostles? Or
  2. Have we become too engrossed in a sort of “median” skepticism that’s keeping us from actually witnessing God’s palpable power? Are we brushing off miracles too easily?

I apologize if the questions are not expressed correctly. I’m just trying to make sense and answer some of the questions that have come to me recently. Thank you for your time.


Hi Lilibeth, thanks for this question on prayer!

I definitely agree that we need more prayer in our lives, and many of our problems could be fixed if we would just turn to the Lord. For your first question, unfortunately I think only God has the answer! But I will say that I learned a lot by reading Lee Strobel’s newest book on Miracles, The Case for Miracles. In it, he discusses the prevalence of miracles in places where the gospel is breaking in for the first time, such as China. It seems like the context where ministry is being performed does have an effect on the kind of acts that God performs.

As far as being too skeptical toward miracle claims, I think that’s spot on. Most people are unaware that there are well-documented cases of modern day miracles, such as the ones described in Lee’s book, or in Craig Keener’s incredible two volume work Miracles. My faith was stretched by reading some of these accounts, and I want to be more expectant for miracles and ask the Lord to do great things.