What do you think is the major contributor to youth suicide in Japan and what can we do beyond praying?

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In your opinion as maybe I’m unaware of some Japanese cultural context,

What do you think is the major contributor to youth suicide in Japan and what can we do beyond praying?

So , what’s the most effective way to be able to connect to and bring the Gospel to the Japanese youth? (Is language still a barrier?)


Hi Adriel, thank you for the great question.
I feel like many younger people don’t have much hope in their life. The previous generations enjoyed the rise of the economy of Japan and had ambitions and aspirations for their life, but the younger generation has never seen that. The economy does not seem to do well in a common-people-level, and we often suffer from natural disasters like earthquakes, typhoons, and floods, which makes the youth realistic or even sometimes cynical about their life. I think that is the kind of mood or atmosphere that we have in Japan.

That is why I think it is crucial to share and live out the hope we have in Jesus Christ. I really appreciate your heart and prayer for Japan, and although there is still a significant language barrier, I believe that there are things our brothers and sisters outside of Japan can do for the country.

One example that comes into my mind is volunteering for disaster relief. We had a huge earthquake in the Kyushu region a few years ago, and the local people were devastated by the impact. However, the churches in the region came together to volunteer for the local communities and established the “Kyushu Christ Disaster Relief Center.” They served the people focusing on restoring the affected housings and buildings, and there were many volunteers from overseas helping them out.

As they were faithfully committing themselves to the disaster relief, the local people started to call them, “Christ-san” which means “Mr. (or Ms.) Christ.” Some started to come to church to figure out what was motivating the Christ-sans to serve them with selfless love.
You can actually watch a video from the link below.

How amazing it is to have the privilege of literally bearing the name of Christ!
I am very grateful for the prayers for Japan, and please do remember us in your prayer. And if you are interested in reaching out to the Japanese people from overseas, please consider if you can help out the people suffering from earthquakes or typhoons to live out the message of hope we have in Christ.