What does in depth Bible knowledge mean to you?

(Jimmy Sellers) #1

The Jordan Peterson threads have me scurrying to catch up with the community as I am not familiar enough with him to add anything to the conversation. I googled him to get some back ground on him and some idea what all the hubbub is about.
I read a blog written by a Canadian student who made a point of going to one of his events and interviewed Christians asking why they were attending and what did they hope to gain, several answers were given but the one stood out to me was “he’ll blow your mind with his in-depth knowledge of the Bible.” Now I have no idea what Jordan Peterson’s biblical knowledge is, but I couldn’t help but wonder what does “in depth Bible knowledge” mean you?

Does it mean quoting verse at will, the ability to apply verse to real life, knowledge of the original language(s), cultural or historical accuracy, exegetical and hermeneutical chops?
I would be interested to hear from you.

(Eunike Misiekaba) #2

@Jimmy_Sellers… This is a good one.

In-depth knowledge of the scriptures is not only about the learning or material learned, but it is about understanding and applying. The evil of the last days is that people are ever learning and never coming to understanding; no knowledge of truth and no change.

In-depth knowledge of the scriptures for me means: grasping the divine intended purpose and relevance of the Word, which brings us closer to Christ and enables us to share/impart that light to others

(Jimmy Sellers) #3


Thank you for your thoughts and I do agree that in depth Bible knowledge in the personal sense is life changing and life directing and by default inviting to those whom you live your life before.

I suppose what I was trying to understand was what could a speaker say that would cause you/me to say “he’ll blow your mind with his in-depth knowledge of the Bible.”.

As I thought about it I tried to image this at various points in my spiritual growth. As a newly committed Christian in my thirties having just seen the pages of the Bible come alive to make real Jesus as savoir, that blew my mind. As a fifty something dipping my toe in the ambiguous waters of apologetics finding out that a lot of my question could be answered in the context and the history of that day and that everything was pointing to the Cross and a coming King, King Jesus, that fried my brain. And today when I feel that I have enough basic Bible knowledge to stand in the gap and feel confident that the Cross is still the way the truth and the life in spite of all the naysayers, in this I take great comfort. So, I think I am safe in saying that the answer to that question would vary for all of us depending on what we understood about God’s word before this “mind blowing experience” happened.