What Does It Mean for Jesus to Be "the Light of the World"?

Even in the darkness night brings, you can probably still make out what your surroundings look like, or you can look up at the sky illuminated from light pollution. And, even in the remote areas of the world, the stars still fill the night sky. It’s only when we experience complete and utter darkness that we realize how much we need light. In today’s Take Five, Sam Allberry describes his experience of this kind of utter darkness while caving in Thailand, drawing on this experience to reveal a spiritual truth represented in Jesus’ powerful description of himself as the “Light of the World.”

But utter darkness is something very different; no light, at all, whatsoever. And according to Jesus, that describes the natural spiritual state that every single one of us finds ourselves in.

[Jesus] is saying He is the only one who can shed spiritual light on our lives; He is the only one without whom we will be left in complete spiritual darkness.

It’s the character of Jesus life and teaching that actually, as we encounter Him, we feel like we are the ones who are being read, we are the ones who are being shed light on.

Make it Personal

  • How have you seen the significance of Jesus as “the light of the world” in your own life?

  • How can we share with our neighbors that Jesus as the “light of the world” is not to expose us but to lead us? What would this change in our apologetic and evangelism?