What does it mean that God accepts us as we are?

(Jack Johnson) #1

God accepts us the way we are,
This is what we hear in our Churches these days.
Please share your thoughts

(SeanO) #2

@Jack_Johnson In modern English to ‘accept someone as they are’ may be interpreted to mean that we affirm their choices and their nature. God does not accept us in that sense. Rather, God’s table is open to anyone who will turn from their sin and surrender their lives to Him. God’s offer of forgiveness is available to all, no matter how broken or how sinful - all are welcome to find cleansing and new life through the cross. God meets us where we are at, but He does not leave us as we are - no one can encounter Christ and remain unchanged. To truly be in Christ is to be a new creation.

So perhaps a more Biblical way of expressing this sentiment would be: God invites everyone, no matter how broken, to receive new life in Christ.

I like what N. T. Wright says in his Romans commentary:

“Romans 6 shines a bright spotlight on the dangerous half-truth, currently fashionable, that ‘God accepts us as we are.’ Will ‘God’s acceptance’ do as a complete grounding of Christian ethics? Emphatically not. Grace reaches where humans are, and accepts them as they are, because anything less would result in nobody’s being saved. Justification is by grace alone, through faith alone. But grace is always transformative. God accepts us where we are, but God does not intend to leave us where we are… The radical inclusivity of the gospel must be matched by the radical exclusivity of Christian holiness.” N.T. Wright, Romans, 548.

(Jimmy Sellers) #3

Most of the churches that I have attended do try very hard to welcome everyone in the service. The thought being that you can come as you are and the hope being that you will not leave as you came but that the preached word both verbal and nonverbal will move you to the cross and if in the presence of the cross you can not leave as you came you will leave as a new creation.:grinning: