What does it mean to be human?

(Curran Harms) #1

So if you have the chance to take the elecive “What does it mean to be human, I highly suggest you do. It has been the best course I have taken so far and it amazes me every new class with RZIM on what they offer. My 6 and 2 year old daughter will benefit from the knowledge I can share with them from these classes as they get older. I have already began teaching apologetics to my 6 yr old daughter.

On this topic, what is your thought on what does it mean to be human?

(Carson Weitnauer) #2

Hi @Curran_Harms,

Thank you for sharing these encouraging words - they strengthen our team. I’m grateful to hear how the class helped you!

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(Curran Harms) #3

Thank you sir, the classes have helped so much and I hope more and more people become part of RZIM Connect. The more it grows the more each of us will grow in our faith because we will have the chance to communicate more with each other and grow in our faith together.

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(Kathleen) #4

Hi, @Curran_Harms! Your question about what it means to be human is a huge one, so thanks for getting us started. Ha! My short answer off the top of my head would have to with something about how we are ‘made in God’s image’. Heaps of books have been written on this subject, and it has been interpreted in various ways by theologians and philosophers. Is that something y’all talked extensively about in that elective course? :slight_smile:

(Nathan Griffin) #5

Thank you for this question! I’ve enjoyed the journey of prayer and meditation this question sent me on all day with God.

If Jesus is the perfect human…The last Adam. Then being truly human is to be without sin. So my capacity for humanity is dependent on my capacity to sin or not sin. Turns out I need some help in that department. So my humanity is dependent on my capacity to trust the Sinless One to help me live truly human. I can only be as human as I am today in my relationship to Christ. Thankfully it’s progress not perfection in this life. One day I will know fully as I am fully known. Our capacity for humanity increases with our willingness to grow in His image? Maybe… who knows but God. :man_shrugging:

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(Curran Harms) #6

yes @KMac , the course so far has been amazing. Its such a wonderful topic. At such a basic question, it makes you ponder so much meaning and dig deep into you Christian beliefs on what it means to be human. You can see the divide between the atheist and the Christian in the very question. I often ponder now if this is a question that I would use as a way to evangelize with my atheist friends when we have these discussions. It would really make them have to think outside of the box of their beliefs and make them be honest.

(Curran Harms) #7

@nathangriffin81 Well said!!! I believe that the fact that we are created in the image of God with a sense of purpose and are held to rule over the animals and plants of the world is what defines us from all of the other creatures and makes us humans. God created us and said let us make man in our image. Despite the fact that we are fallen in sin, we still bear his image which means that it is not merit that gives us his image. We are more than just flesh, we have souls and God wants a relationship with us. Our lives have purpose that was given to us by him. He knit us in our mothers womb before we were born.

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(Nathan Griffin) #8

Yes and what a purpose it is. To be loved by God. Seeking first His kingdom. Amen!!