What does it mean to be saved through childbearing?

Wow, this conversation took an interesting bent! Someone on another thread shared some information with me regarding women leadership but I didn’t get a chance to look at it and I can’t remember where it was. I have always been taught the traditional “women must be silent in the churches” but I’m certainly open to what others have to say. And I also used to think a woman is most fulfilled at home when she has children but I have changed my mind in that regard. But I am definitely an example of one very fulfilled at home lady with a whole bunch of kids to homeschool. In my place in life not being home would be crazy. :wink: I believe it is important though for women to be out in the world being the salt, however that may look and seem best for them. God can use us everywhere! Thank you for your cordial responses to each other. I am interested in learning more about what others have to say about swomen in the church.


Yes, I always found it interesting that an instruction is given for women to keep silent in church and an instruction is also given as to what they should where when the pray and prophesy in church. It seems an emphasis has been put on one of these scriptures without an account of the other. We often lift instructions out of context and try to universalize them. That has been my experience anyway.

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