What does outreach to the Muslims in your area look like on a daily basis?

Hello @SenemEkener!

Thank you so much for answering the above questions! What does outreach to the Muslims in your area look like for you on a daily basis? And what have you personally found is the best way to reach them with the love of Christ? Thanks and praying for you and your ministry! :heartpulse:

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Hello Elizabeth,

Thank you for your question! Our interactions with people around us can be as simple as living our faith in the most practical ways, along with an ongoing prayer to Holy Spirit to open their hearts and minds to sense God’s love and forgiveness for them.

A few contextual ways of how this takes place here are:

  • Long term, honest friendship. Not a project, not an agenda. But a day to day life inclusion of people into our Christ filled lives. Nothing beats the effect of long term fruit of deep relationships. This is how Jesus has modeled it and statistically, still the most effective way of conversions.
  • Focusing on and discerning what the real motivation behind their search is. Again, God moves beyond time and this requires extra measure of patience here. One meeting, one conversation, one gesture, one explanation, one question, one cay(Turkish tea) and coffee (Turkish coffee) at a time :slight_smile:
  • Knowing and living out why you believe, what you believe and being able to present it with humbleness and respect. People sense we care and love them, before they trust what we tell them. Especially our Muslim friends. I was one of them.
  • Studying Scriptures together.

These are also what I found as best ways to introduce Jesus to them.
Thank you for your heart and care towards our Muslim friends. Please do pray for spiritual barriers to be moved every day!