What Does "Spiritual" Even Mean?

The words “spiritual” and “spirituality” are pretty popular these days: Quite a lot of people will say such things as “I’m spiritual but not religious,” and many people within the Christian community will throw around the words very readily. However, nobody ever seems to bother defining what “spiritual” and “spirituality” even mean. Common usage often suggests some vague, ethereal sense of euphoria, and Christian usage seems to vaguely point toward the supernatural, but I want something more concrete than that. So then, what is “spirituality,” what does it mean to be “spiritual,” and how does those answers relate to the Christian faith?


@MicahB I would like to start to add to this conversation. The first thing I would like to add is this, every human being is extremely spiritual! Every human being is made in the image and likeness of God, because He is Spirit we are spirit. This is my definition. We are all spiritual whether we know it or not.

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