What does the bible teach about homosexuality?

Does the Bible teach that homosexuality is a sin? And, how would you respond to those who claim to be Christian and practice this or any other sin? Doesn’t this have to do with objective truth about morality?

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Hi, @Josuesuba7! First I would like to say welcome to Connect and thank you so much for your question! We have several threads on Connect about this very subject. I would be happy to discuss with you, but I am going to post them below in case you find them more helpful :slight_smile:

In short, the Bible does teach that homosexuality is a sin (see the threads I posted), but so is adultery, lying, and a list of other things. The important focus going into these discussions is that all sin, regardless of which sin we are looking at, separates us from God. And like all sin, it is able to be covered by Jesus’ work on the cross.

Before responding to anyone identifying as a Christian about their sin, we need to be well aware that the righteousness credited to us is Jesus’s righteousness and that we ourselves cannot claim to be without sin. Next we need to remember that truth without love is brutality. If we don’t have a relationship with someone, if we aren’t pouring time and energy into them as a person made in the image of God, then we may need to carefully rethink pointing out their sin and focus more on loving them to better point them to Jesus.

The key word here is “respond.” I like that word, because it signals that we have first listened to another before speaking or acting. So before we do or say anything, the most important and loving thing we can do is ask open questions for the sake of learning about what exactly those we are speaking with believe and why. What do they believe about God? What do they believe about the Bible?

The big thing in our culture and society right now is that it is cruel to deny someone something that feels so natural–that if we feel something, it must be true and okay. Feelings are now something people firmly guard as being part of their identity. So many times with homosexuality, they see it as being a part of who they are, and so if you say that homosexuality is sin, then you are effectively rejecting them as a person. I’ve seen the same thing in situations with other sin. People say, “This is just who I am.”

This is where the objective truth comes in :slight_smile:. We can call it objective truth about morality, yes, but if someone identifies as Christian, then objective truth contains morality but encompasses all as God created it to be–His design for marriage, for family, for the church, etc. The issue of sexuality has so much more to it than morality. It might be helpful to see it less as a moral issue and more as an identity issue.

The key in a discussion like this might perhaps be finding truth that they can agree with and moving forward in the conversation from there. As Christians, we know that our identity and value is not based in our sexuality but in the fact that we are made in the image of God and who we are in Christ. We might discuss what it means to be made in the image of God and how that brings meaning and purpose. I might ask does someone (like Sam Allberry) become somehow “less than” if they have homosexual feelings and choose to not act on them out of faithfulness to God. Here is a Q & A video with Sam Allberry you might find helpful:

I hope something in here helps. If not or if you have more questions about anything I’ve said, please let me know!

Hi Josue!

Well, yes The Bible does say that Homosexuality is a sin. See the Bible teaches that Marriage and relationships should be between one man and one woman in a monogamous marital Relationship. So, anything that varies from that model, would be against God’s Ideal.

Now, Homosexual People and anyone in The LGBTQ+ community is loved By God. God wants ALL to come to Him (John 3:16) and God desires to have a relationship with everyone, if they will choose Him.

If a Christian is practicing any sin, regardless of what it is, I believe the best thing to do is to confront them in a calm and loving manner and to discuss the issue. Matthew 18:15-20 talks about how to confront another believer about their sin. As always it’s also good to pray for them.

These Articles have helped me in better understanding the issue of homosexuality and the Bible, I hope they can be a help and a blessing to you too.

Just remember that God loves All People, and He wants to be in a relationship with everyone. But He will not force them, instead He wants them to choose Him willfully.

God Bless!

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