What does the registration fee for the Emerging Apologists Program cover?

(Diego A. Sanchez Gomez) #1

Hi Vince!

I hope you are having a great day. My name is Diego, originally from Mexico, now living in the USA. I recently came to Christ, and the work of RZIM played a very important role in softening my heart and clarifying doubts so that I could be ready to accept the Gospel. Some of your talks and Nabeel’s talks on YouTube have greatly touched and blessed me, so thank you all so much!

In regards to this topic, I saw that there is another EAP coming up in December. I am wondering if the $450 fee covers room & board? Or how do participants usually go about food and lodging? I am working in Maui, Hawaii, so the flight to ATL would already be a bit pricey. I would absolutely loooveee to be a part of the program, but wanted to check in and see if it is financially viable for me to attend.

Muchas gracias! Have a blessed day in the Lord.

The December 2018 Emerging Apologist Program
(Kevin Abshire) #3

Hi Diego,

Thank you for reaching out with your question and your interest in the Emerging Apologists Program. It’s so encouraging to hear that RZIM’s ministry was able to assist you in clearing up doubts so you could accept the Gospel. Praise God!

The Emerging Apologist Program fee is $410. This fee includes the cost of providing the program, course materials, and a continental breakfast and lunch each day. As our participants have different preferences, we have currently decided not to increase the fee to include the costs of dinner and lodging. There are many affordable places to eat near The Zacharias Institute.

For lodging, we recommend a few hotels close to the Zacharias Institute:

Some participants may also have the option to stay with family or friends during the program.

We really appreciate your wisdom in wanting to see if it’s financially viable before applying to the program. We understand also if you decide at this time it’s not an option. If that’s the case, might I interest you in checking out our RZIM Academy courses online? RZIM Academy is an online curriculum designed for anyone who wants to be better ready to defend his or her faith, but who doesn’t have the time or resources to attend long-term or in-person training. You can learn more at http://rzimacademy.org/.

Thanks again for reaching out and I hope this information was helpful. Please let us know if you have any other questions or need clarification.

Grace and Peace,

(Miguel Fernando Rivas) #4

Hello, I would like to know about the cost of the courses online!, and if there are any help, scholarships, or programs that could enable Christians to participate. Thank you in advance! best regards!

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(Kevin Abshire) #5

Hello Miguel,

Thanks for asking your questions. Apologies on the delay in responding. The RZIM Academy is an excellent way to better learn how to communicate Christ to those who don’t know Him. Check out their website below. During your application process you should be able to find out more about scholarship opportunities.


I hope that helps!