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@REFRESH2020, as we wrap up the conference today, we would love to hear how God has impacted you during this week at Refresh.

How, where and when have you encountered the words and person of Jesus? Where has he brought you? Are there questions that have been answered? How will you carry your faith forward from here?

Write a post, or submit your two minute video in the dropbox below (don’t forget the media release form!!!)



I encountered Jesus at a Missionary Conference during 24 - 26, January 1987 as He spoke to me through Isaiah 6:8.

Jesus has brought me to an awakening of being sactified for Him and for doing His will, fulfilling His purposes in my life.

This week I hope that He will take me to the next level of having an intimate relationship with Him through Prayer and by meditating upon His Word consistently.


I was saved in 2009 in one of the Largest Pentecostal youth conference in Fiji.I was brought up by an alcoholic father and I was introduced to alcohol at a very young age did a little bit of drugs and then a invited me to this conference and had a personal encounter with God there. I have graduated from university and later pursued by BA. Theological Studies. And at the moment I am waiting for the result of my application for Master in Theology from Alphacrusis,NSW,Aust.(Please,can keep that in your prayers). After my Masters I like to pursue my PhD and also teach in a seminary or wherever God leads.


Thank you so much for this. I have been born again but Jesus became real to me In june 2016. I died in June 2016 when i turned 21 and was walking in a dessert way and I stopped at a cross road which pointed left or right. As I was about taking the left road a man dressed in white stood in front of me and asked me:

“What are you doing here? You’re not supposed to be here, go back.”

I turned back and attempted to come back into my body but some dark forces prevented me. So this man in white stood there and fought with these forces until I came back into my body. That Moment when I woke up Jesus was more real to me that myself, I realized what he did for me,how he fought for me and gave me a second chance. Since then, I’ve also had encounters with Jesus but this was where it all began.


@REFRESH2020 My Jesus story is quite long but I’ll be brief.

Nevertheless, I was born into a christian home, and lived most of my life in hypocrisy and sin until the 16th of August, 2011; in a youth conference, I finally surrendered. I was suicidal as well until a vision of a man so gloriously dressed walked towards me and touching me said, I’ll help you. It was so real!

Yeshua Ha’Mashiach has brought me deep and deeper still. Presently, I live almost like Ezekiel somehow. Today, it may be a vision, or an impression, or a dream all pointing towards knowing Him and His kingdom better. Presently; that is this morning, I had an impression to study about Joy in the context of Hebrews 12:2 - ‘looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith, who for the JOY that was set before Him…’, Having said this, I would really appreciate any contributions to the topic of Joy in terrible and trying times.

I’m hoping He takes me up higher. I hope to be a living expression of His kingdom on earth. I pray that I would truly know JOY beyond what I’d known it to be before. This time, in His light; as the psalmist rightly puts it, ‘You will show me the path of life; In Your presence is fullness of joy; At Your right hand are pleasures forevermore’.

Shalom. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thank you for sharing

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I was saved at 5 years old when a revival service at our church. I asked my parents if I could go forward and ask Christ into my heart. I did and he became so real to me. about 2 weeks later when my mom and dad took me for a haircut, I shared the plan of salvation with the barber. No one had taught me. My mom said it was the Holy Spirit did it. I began telling everyone she said. I was very alive and gaining understanding and at 8 years old the youth pastor and I went out on Monday night visitation together. He was disciplining me while we were just driving around but his wife didn’t want him in the youth ministry anymore so he left. I struggled through my teen years and pretty much left the church when I was 18 because I kept being told what I had in Jesus but it wasn’t really my experience. I couldn’t see God anymore. I did the nicety things like thanked God for my jobs and pray for meals, ask for health etc. But nothing really that anyone would see was God. I got married, moved to Austin, etc etc.etc. Then the house I built began to fall. Well really it had already fallen but I couldn’t see the beach under me at first but thanksgiving of 1992 i was under water. I lost it all. I thought I had been okay at ‘doing’ what God wanted me to etc but this time I remembered what I was told I had in Jesus. I said to him that I know you saved me and I am going to heaven but your not real to me right now. I can’t see you. I don’t really know you. This guy came on the radio as I started the car. He said to pray for a pure heart and protect your soul. As I listened I began to cry. I pulled over into a parking lot. I mean i was in the lane, lol not a parking spot. As i listened to him tell what a Pure Heart gets, I prayed and told him that I you give me that, a Pure Heart, i’ll do anything for you. I began to do prioritize church things over other things. I began to try and do what is right on little things like not speeding, picking up things I dropped, not lying or embellishing things, etc. i went to bible studies. If something competed with church, i went to the church thing instead. People said that I was “growing in the lord” I said thank you graciously but thought to myself the crazy religious wackos, lol. Then on June 12, 1993 I got to the end of me just like I did when I was 5-8 years old. I was going to kill myself over a 1$ argument. Think about it my value was less than a dollar. I cried out to God again with a broken and contrite heart to show him self to me or was I going to do something stupid. Not as a challenge, Not as something I was trying to force God to do. Not as a mustering of strength or false humility and a crushed person. I could not have taken my self this low. You see I wasn’t “growing in the Lord” so much as I was dying to self. The pain when through my core and named me. Soul pain. Then by myself I left the argument and went to the Bible book store and bought with my last money a study bible and my utmost for his highest. Several ironic things happened that I am not sure I can explain in words. I went out to the place I had picked. I opened the Bible and there in that car in the middle of a divided highway I looked at the Bible and suddenly with no fanfare I was not alone in that car anymore. I began to read the Bible but not me reading it. He was reading it to me. Like a love letter to a lost cherished one. I flipped and flipped through the Bible for hours and hours as I could see the gold thread woven all throughout the letter. The care of the writer not to make me a better person by reading of the love for me but instead making me a new person. A new heart. The very core. New desires. New eyes. Light in every corner. At about 230 in the morning I returned home to my parent’s house where I had been living. I woke them up and said Mom and Dad, something happened to me tonight and it is God and Jesus and this is all I want now. The sleepily said that that was great etc. they had prayed for me for years and tried to get me back in church etc. He I was bouncing on the edge of their bed trying to tell them what I what I have found. I exclaimed NOW I KNOW WHY PEOPLE GO TO CHURCH!! From that moment I began to just talk to God like all the time, like a conversation in my head but more like I could wait for the answer because I kinda already knew what was right to do. Like it was just natural to do what I wanted to do and what I wanted to do was the right thing to do. I described it to another guy that asked me what has gotten into me. I said it was like there is this spot light shining down encircling me and all I have to do is keep my arms and feet inside the circle. When my arm reaches for something outside the circle it is so uncomfortable like a sexual joke told to children would be. It is so uncomfortable like that that I pulled my arm back into the circle because I didn’t want to miss out on what was there in the circle. I was not hard anymore. I began to say things that I would like God to do. Things that would make my the people that hurt me happy. Then they would happen and I didn’t care about what had happened or how they came true. I saw God when they happened. That is all I wanted. … I’ll try to finish this later but it is starting. I want this way back. I want to know him again like I did for 4 years. I’m not happy with just the rain I want the fountain.


From India,
Not exactly my born again experience because that is totally whole new story but a testimony.
In India ,every year a nation wide exam is conducted which decides the course of a student after High school.
All of my friends would take tuitions and coaching classes along with the already existing school but I decided to trust God and work hard.
Everyone, from adult to children would discourage and tell me that I would be placed at the last position.
God personally told me to trust in him and not worry and my family never lost their hope but continuously prayed and supported me.
On the result day I scored an estimated 90% which was one or two marks, plus minus than my friends who unnecessarily paid extra money on outside help. My friends and family now call me everyday confirming my marks in disbelief.
Through all this God has strengthened me and taught me not to trust on man but on God. :heart:


Naomi, I praise God with you for the amazing work He’s doing in your life!!

I have encountered Jesus so much in the past 12-13 months it is unreal.
From breaking free from addictions to learning to trust God with huge decisions, 2019 and 2020 have been years of substance in my relationship with Jesus.
I encountered Jesus in the words of Peter “Lord, where would we go? Only you have the words of eternal life.”
It is so amazing to see that no matter what alternative the world offers me, only Christ gives me words of eternal life.


Thank you so much for sharing. we have all been greatly helped by God.

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@Kasey_Leander, has ReFresh concluded for the day? Or will there be anything this evening?

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“You will never regret going all in, for the All In All”
Really spoke my heart to give COMPLETELY!

Praise God.


Thank you RZIM, especially everyone who was involved in REFRESH this week. REFRESH has literally refreshed my soul. Life has been discouraging in the recent months and led to many moments and seasons of hopelessness. The Lord has made it clear to me that I was designed for engineering and I know it, but hopelessness has led to an inability to commit, of not caring, and not wanting to achieve anything. My childhood alongside other life difficulties has not helped at all with my lack of commitment. In the last few months and with the pandemic, it has led to moments of not knowing exactly what I was doing, or even what I was supposed to be doing. Being part of REFRESH has really reignited and reestablished a love for the Lord and His Word and a determination to follow, along with follow through, following the Lord first and foremost. I don’t know where my future lays, but I know the one who holds it. I have always loved RZIM since the days that the Lord lead me to it through the radio and listening to “Let My People Think”. He has given me a love for truth and the desire to seek truth at all cost. REFRESH has helped me to see that again. And yet again, just like at Passion 2020 when Dr. Ravi spoke, I have again seen the value of my life and how much God really cares. Love you all, especially those at RZIM, and thank you so much. God bless.


Hey Kathy! Great question and GREAT NEWS: there’s still Refresh extra happening tonight at 7:00 EST!!! The party goes on :tada:

Here’s the livestream link (it will be on all social media channels as well)


Love this SO much @Sgpage

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I was told about Jesus on again off again and I had given my life to Him at an altar call not remembering anything that was preached, although prior to that, I did have 2 people reach out to me and evangelize. However the day I encountered Jesus was while I watched TV after I had just gotten baptized in water and I got in trouble with my parents for doing that, so I felt really bad amongst other things but I sat watching TV, or I had just walked in while people were watching “idols“ in particular, and a girl sang a part of a song that went “I will stay with you through the ups and the downs…” and in that moment my heart went warm like He spoke those words directly to me and I got up from that place with a strong sense of comfort that I wasn’t alone in any of this nor was I ever going to be alone. I will say I’ve acted as though I am alone at times but that was my very first Jesus encounter that gripped all of me.

“Refresh why’d you have to end” BUT what God did throughout this time was show me how to point people to Jesus in my transparency yes but also in finding out how he relates to what people I’m reaching out to are going through and therefore studying that and showing people that. Basically how to reach out to people and acknowledge them and what they’re going through. I also enjoyed the fun and funny moments.
Thank you.



I am really touched by reading your feedback on REFRESH. You are right, that hopelessness will get in the way of what you feel God has designed you for. Don’t listen to it. Listen to truth.

I’m glad your love for the Lord has been reignited. What a wonderful thing to hear!!! Yes, walk WITH God. It will at times be painful, probably very painful, but it’s better than walking alone.

Blessings to you,


Thanks for sharing this @Cyril9. It spoketo mine as well😊