What have you learned about starting conversations about Jesus and the gospel?


(Carson Weitnauer) #1

As you travel, I imagine that you have many opportunities to start conversations with people who are otherwise strangers to you. What have you learned about starting conversations that awaken spiritual interest and even discussion of Jesus and the gospel?

Ask Dr. Daniel Thejus (Bobby) (February 12-16, 2018)
(Daniel Thejus) #2

Hi Carson, most people are very happy to start a conversation here in India. We epitomize the phrase, ‘man is a social animal.’ We love to engage in discussions. This offers us a great opportunity to talk with people about Jesus.
I have noticed that Hindu’s have genuine respect for him. You will find that he is accepted as one among the many gods in their personal shrines. Pluralism is a reality and most people in India have managed to reconcile with it.
It becomes touchy when we insensitively begin to undermine their beliefs or expect them to pray the sinner’s prayer at the end of every conversation. The Hindu mind is a very complex mind. In some sense every Hindu you meet is a Hinduism. So clearly there is no one size fits all method. That is why we have to carefully navigate our conversations in order to help them see the uniqueness of Jesus.
Conversations that revolve around the love of Jesus, his healing, his forgiveness, his suffering and his ability to offer salvation, help awaken spiritual interest.

(Kay Kalra) #3