What helps you keep hold of God?

Frank Laubach set out to keep God in his thoughts on a consistent basis. Here is how he describes his experience:

I am like an oarsman rowing against a current. My will-pressure must be gentle but constant, to listen to God, to pray for others incessantly, to look at people as souls and not as clothes, or bodies, or even minds. The moment the pressure on the oar ceases, I drift, and downward… “Let go and let God” does not fit my experience. “Take hold and keep hold of God” is what it feels like to me. There is a will-act, and I can feel the spiritual muscles growing from the rowing!

While I do not resonate with all of Laubach’s methods or conclusions, I definitely resonate with the feeling that in the spiritual life there is a will-act involved in remaining in close communion with God. So I thought it would be informative to reach out and ask others:

  • does this quote match your experience?
  • if so, how do you daily seek to keep hold of God?

I’ll add a disclaimer that I recognize it is God who holds us and not the other way around :slight_smile: But truth be told I generally do not feel like a passive recipient of God’s indwelling. I feel much more like a rower steadily rowing against the current of this world as I seek the treasure I have in Christ.


This is a great quote, Sean. Thanks for sharing it! I hadn’t considered my faith as Laubach described, and now I wonder what I’ve been missing out on by not being more intentional in the day-to-day moments. I think it shows a recognition of our absolute need for God. After your post, that’s something I’m going to be more intentional about this week.

Personally, the lyrics of old hymns keep me grounded. I went through a stage where I would memorize lyrics as a way to procrastinate piano practice. :wink: Now, I’m pretty thankful for that.


Lol - I’m glad your procrastination paid off :slight_smile: That’s amazing that you memorized the words to avoid practice - some people would think that was even harder than the practice.


Loved: “will-pressure must be gentle but constant.” So much in that. There is volition which renders susceptible the challenge of world v spirit. Our human side gets challenged so staying plugged in is not necessarily works oriented but is more like life sustaining protection - kinda like working out sustains health. But reliance on Gods protection with never ceasing connection does take at least that purpose-filled gentle pressure. What happens when that pressure is weak or off? Footholds can “take-hold” for which we then regret and have to re-fight. Vigilance against that is not work but staying alert takes gentle pressure to avoid the prowling and devouring one. In the meantime with that gentle pressure of daily devotion, request and prayer for protection and grace, along with worship and care/love for others driven by the gift of spirit we have abundance in life and the peace that surpasses understanding. Thanks for allowing me to explore your quote.


@Keldon_Scott Thank you for sharing! I suppose the quote belongs to the one who said it? :slight_smile: I think you made a helpful distinction between exerting effort within the Christian life to remain in close fellowship with God and relying on works for salvation. They are two very different things. As Christians saved by grace, we still strive to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus has taken hold of us, not by our own power but by the power of Christ in us.

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