What if I need professional counseling?

(Carson Weitnauer) #1

Hi friends,

I am grateful for every member of RZIM Connect. I’ve heard the details of very difficult circumstances in your lives. Perhaps you, a family member, or a dear friend is considering suicide, engaging in self-harm, or involved in self-destructive behaviors. We can experience depression or anxiety. We may have recently lost a loved one. Or we may have been harmed by abuse.

There are many painful, difficult situations in life. We grieve that these stories sometimes become part of our lives.

At the same time, while we want RZIM Connect to be a supportive, encouraging, and prayerful community, there are limits to what an online community can do and how we can help.

As an evangelism ministry undergirded by apologetics, the scope and purpose of our ministry is to evangelize and to help train Christians in their witness with credible reasons for the hope they have in Jesus Christ. Therefore, we as a ministry are not licensed or equipped to provide professional counsel.

Therefore, in these situations, it is our policy to recommend that you seek guidance from a pastoral counselor or from a Christian counselor in your local area to help you discern the best path forward.

If you need someone to talk with about your situation, the ministry of Focus on the Family has people available that you could talk with. They can be reached by phone at 1-800-A-FAMILY (1-800-232-6459). You may also find resources available at www.focusonthefamily.com. In addition, we can share two websites of networks of Christian counselors. Through them you may also be able to find a counselor in your local area: http://www.caps.net/ and http://www.aacc.net/

If you or a friend are going through a difficult season of life, I hope these resources might be helpful to you. May God give you his wisdom and strength.