What if?

I sometimes put myself in critical situations , and they are so confusing . The problem is that both solutions seem right yet they are controversial.
For example I was watching a documentary about the last hijacked airplane which crushed the twin towers in 9/11. That particular plane was late on schedule and the authorities were sure that it’s hijacked and going to crush causing a bigger disaster. So they had the option to take it down . So what if you were in charge? will you take down that plane and therefore kill the passengers on board to prevent a more horrific accident? Or will you hope that somehow at any instant the hijackers will change their mind and cancel the operation ?



That is the kind of question that has puzzled philosophers for many years, and I believe it always will. How does a human being make that decision to end a group of lives to save another? Decisions like that are horrifying to even think about. Even people who have had to make such decisions probably never feel fully sure of the one they made. I think that such a situation would haunt anyone who had to decide on it for the rest of their lives.

As humans, this kind of decision goes so far beyond our abilities and authorities that we cannot ever fully cope with the weight of such a thing, nor do I believe we should be able to. In one instance, you know that people are probably going to die, but in the other, you are looking at an uncertain future where you cannot be fully certain of that. So, do you order that those people be killed, or do you do nothing and hope for the best? Personally, all I can say is that at that moment, I would spend every second of time I had praying for God to do what He willed. Can God stop such disasters? Of course He can, He is the only one who can.

My choice would probably have been to do nothing. I would have prayed and begged God to let His will be done, and I think that is what we should do in those situations. We cannot even begin to fathom or understand why some things happen, or do not happen. But I do not believe that we necessarily make the situation right by doing what we believe to be correct. Our view of what is right is so askew and muddled by sin that we can not hope to make the right decisions in most daily situations without God’s help, let alone in such horrific situations as what happened in 9/11. At that point, our best hope is to trust in the Lord, who is the only One who can do anything with a true understanding of what is right.

Such situations are impossible to fully understand at present. Someday, we will be able to understand why things happened a certain way, but for now we must trust in the Lord with all our heart, and lean not on our own understanding. Our own understanding will lead us astray, but if we follow Him, we may not always understand, but we can be assured that He is the one who knows truly what is right in any situation. The truth being that sometimes, no matter what happens, it will be saddening. This is the fallen world that we live in, and one day it will all pass away and God will redeem us, but for now we must trust in Him.

I hope that this will help you. May God guide you to the answer that He desires for you. Trust in Him, and He will direct you brother. If you have any other questions please ask them. God bless you and thank you.



What a daunting and challenging question for anyone? In reality it happened on 911 and for each of us it happens every day of our lives. We make life and death decisions all the time. whether it be about ourselves or the lives of the people we love and care about. It may be a spiritual, or physical decision that will affect us.

The military decide probably on a daily basis more than once to sacrifice the few for the sake of the many, but they all know the cost of sacrifice.

What if the plane the plane that crashed in the field in Pa.headed for the white house. What if those on board did not do anything and let it happen and not prevent it by crashing it.

IF the smallest, biggest word in the entire world lots can happen on a what if?

In any what if scenario i would say I would do this or that but what would i really do when the pressure cooker starts hissing. Hopefully Ithrough divine inspiration and wisdom I would choose life. That is something we all face at some point.

Let me finish with IF

Thank you for that question I hope my responce gave you some insight?

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In the words of C.S. Lewis: we never get to find out “what would have happened.” It is good to consider difficult situations and think what we would have done, and what should have been done, because then when life suddenly surprises us we have already made our choice. But the truth is that even looking back now, we know things that the military then did not. We know the location, the many lives lost, and the horrific damage done. But in that moment, they did not know in full.

Meanwhile, there was another flight bent on suicide that same day: Flight 93. But on this plane, the passengers and the crew realized the plane was being hijacked. They then chose to stop it before it got to the destination, and die in the process. Who knows how many lives they saved by doing as they did? God knows. But we don’t get to know what would have happened if they had not. We get to learn from what did happen, so we can make wise decisions in the situations we have.

Maybe that is a good question for all of us who follow Christ: would we be willing to die in the process of stopping someone or someones bent on killing others? In the case of Flight 93, they would have died no matter what. But would we be willing to sacrifice ourselves for others if we had the choice to play it safe?

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Thank you for you answer Rebecca,
But in that situation or similar ones , the decision wasn’t the passengers’ or anyone who is going to sacrifice his own life. it was the authorities’. So they are the ones who decide in a way or another who should be saved and who should die(having the intention to save as many lives as possible). But as the example you gave (flight 93), in that case the decision was made by the ones who should make it. And that’s what’s confusing me. By giving the order to take the plane down, it’s true we played it safe, but we also violated the freedom of the passengers and their right to live. And by not taking that decision we almost put the lives of hundreds of lives in real jeopardy , because hoping that the hijackers are going to change their mind in the last minute isn’t impossible-nothing is- but it’s kind of irrational.

But Gabriel, again I say that you are looking back knowing all the information. At the time, they knew planes had been hijacked, but they did not know exactly which ones they were. There were 4 planes hijacked, but 10 were suspected. They considered shooting them down, yes, but they were getting all their information late. They thought they were getting their information live, when in reality the information was old. By the time they had people ready to do anything, it was too late for the plane that hit the twin towers. By the time they even could have taken that plane down, it was too late. The towers had already been hit.

Hypothetically, if they had known soon enough, should they have taken it down? In history before, authorities have sacrificed a city so the enemy would not know that the authorities had deciphered the enemy’s secret messages. Ultimately, this won the war. But should the few be sacrificed for the many? What if your entire family was on that plane? Would you shoot it down then? What if you guessed wrong? What if you shot down a plane that wasn’t hijacked instead of the one that was? Then you would have killed innocent people.

Sacrificing one group for another is a very difficult choice, usually made more difficult because we do not know the entire picture. The authorities were not hoping that the hijackers were going to change their minds, they were trying to stop them, but the needed information arrived too late.

This is where I got my information from:

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