What is at the top of your mind and heart, while in an evangelistic dialogue with a skeptic or seeker?


(Carson Weitnauer) #1

Another question for you! What is at the top of your mind, what is on your heart, while you are engaged in evangelistic dialogue with a skeptic or seeker?

What should parents share with their teenagers while they are still at home?
(Matthew Mittelberg) #2

I like this question a lot! I don’t always have the same thought in every conversation, but I try to listen to God and see if he has something in particular he wants me to share with that person. Sometimes he’ll guide me to simply listen to them and hear them out. Sometimes he’ll give me something specific I’m supposed to say, or a challenge to give them. My heart is always to introduce them to Jesus. Yes I try to answer people’s questions and arguments, and those need to be taken seriously, but has this person ever truly understood that God loves them? That Jesus gave his life for them? That is the heart of Christianity and I believe it should always remain close to the surface in discussions with those who don’t yet understand it.

(Kay Kalra) #3