What is Dr. Balajied Nongrum's Testimony?

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The transition from skeptic
For me it was how could I have a real relationship with a Jesus who was no longer walking among us. When I met Him one day that all changed of course.
What was your skepticism foundation?
Thank you for sharing.


Hi Mike,

Thank you for your question.

Well, for me, the struggle back then was two fold. One was ‘objective’ and the second one was ‘subjective’. Objectively speaking, I argued, “When there are so many religions and each one being different from the other, how on earth can anyone position his or her religious view in absolute term”. I questioned the very basis of this claim without examining the evidence! From the subjective point of view, I argued, “how can it be true when their (devotional) lives is so far away from the ‘good’ that they are trying to preach”. Hence, I chosed to be a skeptic by doubting everything religious. Interestingly enough, I never questioned science!

However, all of that changed when someone took the trouble of presenting Christ to me in a way that addressed the questions (or doubts) that I had. The gospel of Christ was presented with evidence, not only as a propositional (objective) truth but also with its subjective relevance. Just as you have mentioned, “when I met Him one day…all changed of course”.

Finally, both the ‘objective’ as well as the ‘subjective’ converged together in the person of Jesus Christ. It was indeed an aha moment for me.

Thank you for asking.