What is prayer walking?


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What is prayer walking?

What are the most important habits in your life that maintain a passion for God and for the work of evangelism?
Ask Amy Orr-Ewing (December 11-15, 2017)
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Hi Jolene
I’m on the train back from speaking in Parliament - apologies if the connection drops! Prayer walking can be as simple as going for a walk with God in his creation. Spending time in prayer whilst reflecting on the beauty of his creation. Prayer walking could be a kind of precursor to Evangelism where we walk the streets of a place where we are reaching out and actively pray over the people we see, the families each front door represents and pray for salvation to come. Prayer walking could involve walking somewhere and praying for specific guidance from the Lord about a particular issue or place. Maybe read Mountain rain by James Fraser for an account of how this kind of prayer opened up Mission to the Lisu people!

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