What is some advice for sharing your faith in the workplace?

Hi Jose,

On the heels of the Festival of Thought in your hometown of Singapore, can you share with us some advice on what to do - and not to do - in terms of discussing faith in the workplace?


Hi Carson,
Thank you for your question, and it is good to be on RZIM Connect. I deeply appreciate the opportunity. Yes, it’s been a hectic few days for us here in Singapore. It was our first FOT, and, a huge blessing.

When it comes to sharing our faith in the workplace, as with any other environment, it is crucial to remember that we are dealing with people. The challenge is (given that for many ‘work’ is primarily about achievements, efficiency, procedures, and processes) that sometimes we forget our questions, at its very core, are ‘relational’, not ‘transactional’. The Gospel is about the deep sacrificial-redemptive love of a personal-relational God for people. Our task as evangelists is to invite people to have a conversation with Jesus.

The people we work with offer us a unique opportunity both to ‘state and demonstrate’ the love of God, and to ‘persist and persuade’ them to consider Jesus Christ. So I would say, seek every opportunity to engage the ones we work with with the Gospel, but steer clear of doing so for any reason other than the fact that God loves them and you would love for them to know Christ.

I hope that helps.

Thanks Carson,