What is the best approach to minister to Muslims, specifically concerning the Trinity and the resurrection?

Hello sir. I live in a fairly liberal but muslim country. What is the best way to go about witnessing to Muslims? What good arguments can I use for topics regarding the Trinity or the resurrection of Jesus? How would you go about doing this?



I’m so glad you have an opportunity to share the gospel with Muslims in a setting that allows you that freedom (presumably!).

You’ve asked a big question that would take quite a long time ot answer. Can I suggest a couple of things? First, I would get a couple of books, like Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus, No God But One, or Grand Central Question and a good book by Norm Geisler and Abdul Saleeb called Answering Islam. There’s a lot of discussion about the trinity in those books.

On the resurrection, there are some great books to start with, including Lee Strobel’s The Case for Christ, Gary Habermas’s book The Historical Jesus: Ancient Evidence for the Life of Christ and a book he co-wrote with Mike Licona entitled the Case for the Resurrection of Jesus.

As for the Trinity, as you may see in Grand Central Question, I discuss this at three levels. First is logical possiblility (i.e., that it is logically possible for God to exist as having one nature and three persons or centers of conciousness). Second is Biblical warrant (i.e, showing that the Bible actually teaches that God is triune). Third is theological necessity (i.e., showing that if God is truly great - as every Muslim says he must be - then God must be triune). As but a quick taste of what I mean by the third one: If God is great (Muslims agree) and God is relational (Muslims agree) and God is the only uncreated being (Muslims agree), then before God had created any beings, he was alone. If he was utterly alone, then he was unable to be relational, because being relational always requires a “relater” and the one receiving relatationship. So if God is Unitarian, then he needs to create something or someone outside himself to be relational (i.e, to be who he is). If that’s true, then God needs something. And a maximally great being wouldn’t need anything. The trinity resolves that because God is eternally in relationship within Himself. The Father loves the Son, the Son loves the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit loves the Father and the Son and on it goes from eternity to eternity. God doesn’t need anything for relationship because God in the Trinity defines relationship.

This approach allows us to present the gospel to Muslims by respecting what they care about (God’s greatness) and showing them that the gospel actually and rationally fulfills their desire to worship a great God.

May God bless you as you share your faith in Christ!