What is the biblical answer to Hypnosis?

I’ve read some different answers and found my self thinking it can be used for good or bad. Now doing more research I’ve found that it has roots in the occult. There are many forms of it besides what we see in movies or TV shows.

As Christians should we be afraid of Hypnosis? And what is a biblical approach/answer to Hypnosis?

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What actually happens in hypnosis? Is there any neuroscience behind it? I’ve always have the impression that it makes one vulnerable to manipulation, but I have not researched it thoroughly. :slight_smile:

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Yes from what I’ve read there is neuro science behind it. From what they have already it shows that there are some people more susceptible to it then others. But with the right amount of skill anyone can be put into a trance because it’s natural for the mind to do it anyway. For example when we get bored or driving for long periods down the road or when we day dream. I’m asking the question because of the roots of it and how some known hypnotist have admitted that there are people using this skill to take advantage of others. Like the lawyer arrested for sexual assault and using hypnosis to do it.


Here’s the story about the lawyer

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If you need more reference on professional and ethical hypnosis, you may refer to “London College of Clinical Hypnosis”. According to them, our brain has a defence mechanism that prohibits us from doing something we do not want. Of course brainwashing and periodic conditioning could remove the defence mechanism. So instant hypnosis on strangers don’t really work, trust and bonding must be formed for it to work. So back to the question should Christian fear it? Obviously, Christian cultures are based on trust and bonding. That is why we are more guarded on false prophet than conman. Conman just want our money, false prophet will lead us astray.

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I’ve not researched it thoroughly but my basic understanding is it has ties to the occult ?

I saw a Christian psychologist who taught me a number of relaxation techniques, but he stressed that I was in control the whole time. I said that I was not interested in any form of therapy using hypnosis because of my concerns. The relaxation techniques are very effective during periods of stress.

As a Christian I want my focus to be on Jesus, and personally am not interested in anything that is remotely connected to the occult.

Wikipedia suggests it’s roots are in Hinduism?

The link you provided does confirm my concerns with this paragraph.

Although a hypnotist may encourage only a light or medium trance, he cannot prevent a hypnotized subject from spontaneously plunging into the danger zone, which may include a sense of separation from the body, seeming clairvoyance, hallucination, mystical states similar to those described by Eastern mystics, and even what hypnotism researcher Ernest Hilgard describes as “demonic possession.” We would argue that hypnosis is occultic at any trance level, but at its deeper levels, hypnosis is unmistakably occult .

The simple question I would ask is; if you are not under the control of either yourself, and not under the control of the Holy Spirit: who or what exactly are you under the control of?

One of the fruits of the Spirit (Galatians 5) is self-control… :slight_smile: . Hope that’s helpful ?


Great question, Luna! @Luna,

  1. I agree with

I don’t think it has biblical support. Based on Romans 8, I see that we walk either in the flesh or in the Spirit, which generally means, we are controlling / reigning in our life, or He is. To me, hypnosis is a variation of the first option, we, in the flesh, are allowing someone else to control / reign. The Almighty One is our Father. If I have a child who consistently wants their own way and does not want to love and/or trust me enough to choose to do what I ask of them, I understand this is their nature. But, if that same disobedient child willingly chooses to obey another without question, how hurtful that would be. What does that say about our relationship to Him if we willingly yield ourselves to another by submitting to hypnosis? Is He not able to help us stop smoking, loose weight, retrieve memories, etc. in His perfect time? Does this say that we do not trust Him, or love Him enough to do things His way and not our own?

  1. It depends on what you mean by ‘be afraid of hypnosis’. In the context of the above, if we willingly submit, then we will also receive the consequences. It is wise to be concerned about (afraid of) what unknown consequences might be.

To walk in fear that one might gain control without our consent, and ruin our lives to me is a lie from the enemy.
a. His Spirit leads, we are to listen and obey. There are also naturally discernible warnings, as mentioned in the article you linked to about the lawyer. He asked the women to relax, said he was teaching mindfulness (New Age), etc. things not said in a typical meeting with a lawyer.
b. He is our Father, Who is greater than all. His Name is our strong tower, He is our defender and rescuer. Nothing ever happens that He is not able to turn into good.

  1. I was a guest at a prestigious party when I was young. Unknown to me, they had hired a hypnotist for entertainment. For whatever reason, he singled me out. He told me to tell my friend that I loved him, I did not love him and would not tell him that I did. He then told me to count to 10 in an incorrect order, I did not. I think there were a couple little things which I did do at his suggestion, feeling like I would go along with him and not totally embarrass him in front of the crowd. I felt very comfortable that I had not been hypnotized. As he dismissed me, he said something along the lines of “You have a good night, dance lots, stay up late, have a ton of energy and wake up refreshed with a few hours of sleep.” I assumed it was a harmless, cordial ‘blessing’. I nearly always have a good time. I loved to dance [a lot!], and consistently stayed up later and had more energy than most around me, so none of that seemed unusual. But, I VERY consistently sleep 8 hours or more. I woke up refreshed after 3 hours. I was completely convinced I had not been hypnotized, not given control to another, but this was evidence that I had been hypnotized. This proved to me that the power of hypnosis is real and I have avoided it since.

  2. Some popular christian speakers have been accused of using hypnosis as they speak.

I agree, but not all false prophets are recognized as such. We are typically less guarded with one who is considered a prophet. If you are concerned about this, pray! He is capable of leading and protecting you! I have found it is the speakers with whom I feel uncomfortable, who, to me, do not exhibit His character, that are most often accused of this. His Spirit leads and I have listened only long enough to sense that this is not what He has for me.

You have already done some research. I agree with the majority of the article you linked to.
If He is leading you to continue research that you might recognize it in action, there seem to be some very interesting and credible videos about hypnotic techniques used by speakers on youtube.

May He give you His wisdom and peace in this, Luna.


Hi again, Luna.

A friend shared video of a former hypnotist who is now a Christian. Some of her doctrines are questionable, but this video covers only hypnotism, her area of expertise, and addresses some of your questions.

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