What is the definition of Truth? How do we handle truth?

This is just my question in order to just hear from you guys, your answers.


Truth is that which corresponds with reality.

Could you make your question, “how do we handle truth” more precise?

Hello brother :slight_smile: I mean how do we live for Truth? I think that was what I meant haha

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Hmmm… That is an interesting question. Perhaps part of the answer is to “Live as though that which is true is true”? In other words, if I know eating a particular fruit will harm me, living for that truth would be living it in such a way so that I do not ingest that fruit because it will harm me.

Does that begin to approach an answer?

Is this more of a question of how to get the truth from head knowledge down to heart knowledge? I have heard it said that the longest distance is from your head to your heart; there is a difference between knowing what is right and doing what is right. I don’t really have an answer except to maybe identify and remove whatever it is that is stopping you from living for Truth …

Truth is an attribute/quality of reality. There is no entity such as ‘truth’, like a kilo of truth or a meter of truth or a box of truth. If something ‘exists’ in reality that ‘thing’ is called true.
So knowing these, truth comes in two forms- the reality themselves (like a cup placed on your table) or statements/sentences which claim of reality(like the sentence," The cup is placed on your table").
And so to know the truth we need to know reality/ the statements of reality just like to know beauty we need to see/know beautiful things. And what is reality?- it depends on- reality regarding what?- science, spirituality, arts, life, etc. So if you want to know truth you need to first know what aspect of reality you want to know.
And lastly the ultimate Reality is God Himself. In the Bible God refers to Himself as the ‘Great I AM’(Yahweh). The Great He IS. God IS. Juxtaposing this to the devil who is called the father of all lies- he claims or says something which is not there in reality but claims that it is there and decieves people, eg:- temptations.
So when we know God we know the ultimate Reality that connects all other realities and we know the ultimate Truth. That is why Jesus said He is the Truth! The very substance of Truth. He is the Truth and everything that he claimed and said is True i.e exists in reality, even the promise of a new and eternal life of freedom and joy in Him.

And so if you want to live for Truth it is the right way and it would mean to live for Jesus Christ. And for that we need to know Him first. And the Word of God has been give to us for that.
Jesus said, " I am the way, the truth and the life". When we follow Him we know the Truth and through the True Way we get Life.

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