What is the Evidence for the Existence of God?

Hi Michelle,

Love to hear on the evidence for existence of God in succinct manner that you could talk to a non-beliver.

Thank you


Hi Dan,

What a great question! In fact, I was just recently asked that question by a young person in the U.K. I mention this because I have started making short video responses to the difficult questions kids ask about faith and God. One of the things that I am learning is that is very important to give brief answers to help keep kids engaged! At the moment I am trying to keep every answer around 2 minutes, and wow is that difficult! However, I think that in our digital age many of us have lost the ability to concentrate and stay connected during long explanations as well.

Given this, here are the points I hit for evidence for the existence of God. Depending on how deep you dive into each point, this can be quite a quick and inviting start to further research or conversation. I usually start by saying that the strength of the evidence for the existence of God actually comes through the combination of all of the following vastly different types of compelling evidence one must consider on the topic.

There is an excellent short piece by @Andy_Bannister on RZIM.org. He hits most of these points as well. [https://www.rzim.org/read/a-slice-of-infinity/evidence]
So I will just do a quick and very simplistic summary of different lines of argument or discussion you can use to show how much great “evidence” we have for our belief in God.

1.Origins of the Universe (Philosophical evidence):
-Here you can look into the origin and existence of the universe. How did it come to be? Something that had a beginning must need something greater and more complex to give it a beginning.

2.Design and fine-tuning of the universe (Scientific evidence):
-Look at the complexity of the natural world around us. How is it that we have just the right natural setting for human life to exist on our planet? I like the way @Vince_Vitale talks about it in this article https://www.rzim.org/read/rzim-global/4-reasons-why-i-believe-in-god-2. He says “[T]here are dozens of features of the universe that needed to be precisely as they are for life to be possible…not just life on the planet Earth or life as we know it, but any form of life anywhere in the universe.”

3.Moral Evidence:
If we believe that things like Good and Evil really exist or that human beings deserve to be treated with equality and dignity, where do these absolute truths, morals, or ethics come from if not an eternal moral law giver?
Here is a great article by Ravi Zacharias on this topic.

4.Historical Evidence for the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus
As Christians, the cornerstone of our belief in the existence of God is the person of Jesus Christ. Even if someone is still undecided about the existence of God it is well worth walking them through the rich evidence inside and outside of scripture about the man Jesus Christ who claimed to be God then rose from the dead as proof of his claim. One can point to the prophecies Jesus fulfilled in his birth, life and death, and the eye witness accounts of his resurrection. There is a wealth of evidence for the historical reliability of the gospel accounts that record the life and ministry of Jesus.

  1. Personal Evidence
    The Christian’s life can and should be strong evidence to the existence of God. What is your personal testimony of the reality of God? Do not forget to share your story and the story of other who have encountered Jesus Christ in real, life changing ways. Experiential evidence alongside all of the other lines of reasoning is very powerful, no one can disprove your personal experience.

Hopefully this has been a helpful outline to encourage your future conversations on the wealth of evidence we have for the existence of God.