What is the influence of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) on building the Kingdom of God?

Good day Alex, what is the influence of ICT on building the Kingdom of God?

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Hey Bill. Thanks for your question! I think you asked this last time, but I didn’t get the chance to respond. Sorry about that! Let’s get stuck into it :smile:

Can I ask you what you mean by ICT and by building the kingdom of God?

ICT stands for “Information and Communications Technology.” That’s a really broad category! Is there something specific (like, social media, PowerPoint, or even mobile phones) which you were hoping I’d comment on?

Building the kingdom of God could mean different things to different people. By it, some mean “social justice,” while others mean “saving souls,” while others would see them as intricately entwined.

One of the things I like thinking about is how technology forms us. If you’ve ever been in advertising, you’d have heard the phrase “There is meaning in the medium.” Which means, you can communicate the same information through different mediums and they will have different effects. If that’s true, here’s a fun question: Do humans learn something different about God by reading the Scriptures on their phone than if they were to read them from a tangible book, or sing them over one another (e.g., Psalms and Colossians 3:16).

I say all this to get the conversation going. I probably wouldn’t be able to talk about the in’s and out’s of ICT. What I would be able to chat about would be thinking theologically about the use of particular devices. I think the world is finally waking up to how we’ve entrusted ourselves to such a myriad of devices without even understanding how our relationship with them affects our psychology. I love talking about this stuff.

Anyway, bit long winded on my part! Looking forward to your reply! :slight_smile: