What is the most current scientific evidence and best approach to support the Creation model and defeat the Evolution model?


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Fuz, here is my second question: What is the most current scientific evidence and best approach to support the Creation model and defeat the Evolution model? Thank you.

Ask Dr. Fazale Rana (November 13-17, 2017)
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Here is a link to a lecture I gave at Moody Bible Institute about a month ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fkv-nI2GmeE&feature=share

It is an overview of the scientific evidence for God’s existence and Scripture’s reliability that represents the best evidence for the creation model.

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@Fazale_Rana, I’ve listened to your lecture which answered my questions and more. I’ll have to listen a few more times and take notes for future reference. Thank you so much!

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After watching the lecture, do you have any follow up questions?

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Hi @Fazale_Rana , thank you for offering to answer any questions which I may have. The 10 points which you raised in your lecture (quoted below) are really helpful to me (as a non-scientific person) in terms of showing the integrity of the Biblical text. As you said, the Bible is not a science book but it speaks of things which are readily testable and is remarkable in anticipating scientific discoveries.

The Bible teaches:

  1. That the universe was created and we see that the universe has a beginning.
  2. That time has a beginning and we discover the beginning of time through space-time theorems.
  3. That God’s glory and righteousness is revealed in the Heavens and we have the anthropic principle
  4. That God carefully crafted the earth for life and we have the rare earth hypothesis.
  5. That God is revealed in creation and we see elegant designs in bio-chemistry and biology.
  6. That God is responsible for life’s beginning and we see that the origin of life is miraculous.
  7. That God is responsible for life’s history and we have things like the Cambrian Explosion.
  8. That humans and animals are made from the dust of the earth and we see biological similarities between humans and other animals.
  9. That God created humanity in His image and we see things like the sudden appearance of language.
  10. That humanity comes from a single man and single woman and we have Mitochondrial Eve and Y- chromosomal Adam.

Of these, I would appreciate if you could direct me to more information with regard to a better understanding of point 6 (I was surprised that abiogenesis has been disproved), and point 10 (can you please point me to substantiating information for this?) Any advice as to which of these would be most convincing to an atheistic student of science will be appreciated. Thank you.

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