What is the strongest apologetic argument for natural evils?

(Helen Tan) #1

Hi Sharon, it’s lovely to meet you. I was wondering if I could tag on to Rachel’s question with regard to suffering and ask if you could help me address the question of natural evil in my encounters with unbelievers. Thank you.

(Sharon Dirckx) #2

Dear Helen

Thank you for your email. The subject of natural disasters is a really important one. I have written a little on this and have spoken on it a few times. I am currently trying to get hold of a web link to an article or to a talk, which you could then access. I will be back in touch again soon, hopefully by tomorrow. Thank you for your patience!

All the best

(Helen Tan) #3

Thanks, Sharon. I look forward to hearing from you at your convenience.

(Sharon Dirckx) #4

Dear Helen

I have uploaded a pdf with an article i wrote a couple of years go. These questions have been brought to the foreground again with the devastation of hurricane Irma and the monsoon floods in south east Asia. I don’t pretend to have all the answers, but these are my thoughts so far on a very difficult topic.

Every blessing,


Why Natural Disasters-pulse-pdf.pdf (1.13 MB)

(Rick Rump) #5


Could you repost your article, please? No longer available.



(Helen Tan) #6

Hi @Rickrcomm, here are a couple of links to Sharon’s article and talk:


(Rick Rump) #7

Thank you, Helen.


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