What is your advice for evangelizing Asian business and education professionals in China?

@Yutaro thank you very much for taking the time to answer our questions. I have been living in Asia since 2004. I am currently in China. I would appreciate any advice you have for me to reach people, particularly in the field of business and education. Any insights would be very much appreciated.


Hi @brianlalor

Thank you for your question!
I am glad to hear how God sent you to witness to the people in China:)

Firstly, I would like to echo what I said to @Theja in the previous reply. It would be meaningful to be aware of the pressure to strive in order to be successful in Asian cultures. Idolizing achievements and performance can never fully satisfy us, and people who are quite successful in business sometimes find it easier to realize it.

Secondly, it might be helpful to point out the danger of idolizing the approval of others, especially the parents. We are heavily influenced by honor-shame culture in Asia, and it can destroy the healthy relationship between parents and children when we turn to those idols to find a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. Ultimately, there is no objective end to the pursuit of success, and no child can live up to the expectation of perfection. Still, many children seem to struggle with the insecurity of not being able to make their parents proud. That is why worshipping the true God and making Him number one in life brings true liberation and flourishing in the family relationships.

God bless you as you reach out to the people in your context!:slight_smile:


Thank you very much for the reply. I very much appreciate it @Yutaro :raised_hands:

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