What is your advice for ministering in a Hindu context? Are Christians able to go to temple with their Hindu friends?

Hey Daniel
i have few questions for you…which i think…only an Indian apologist can answer
1.Whenever i invite my hindu friends to church …they ask me why dont you come to temple to worship their idols or why dont you eat prasad.Why are being a hypocrite by wanting us to come to your worship place …but at the same time…you dont want to come to our worship place?. How will you respond to this question?? Actually i have seen this question being raised by many RSS minded hindus in social media like quora and facebook

2.How will you respond to people of SANATANA DHARMA …who tries to depict hinduism as the oldest and the most perfect religion and tries to depict chrisianity as the religion of cruel god

3.In this current scenario of India …where people are increasing made aware and are being warned about the conversion tactics(as they call it)…how should we spread gospel


Dear Joshua,

You have raised three very important questions that every Indian Christian has to reflect on. Here are my personal thoughts on the matter.

  1. It is reasonable for them to expect us to reciprocate their invitation. There are two ways around this situation. One is to go along with them, observe, learn and pray. The other is to explain to them why your conscience doesn’t permit you to go. Very often they understand.

When we invite our Hindu friends to Church we are not expecting them to worship Jesus (if their conscience doesn’t permit them to), while they may, in any case, do so. But more importantly, we would like them to come into contact with the beauty and mystery of the cross of Christ.

  1. The tendency to assume that if something happens to be older then it must be true is prevalent in many parts of the world. To see through this faulty assumption we can point them to history, science and psychology.

However, the more important and complex issue is to help them see how Sanatan Dharma also hopes for a Saviour.

  1. Christians must stay away from any conversion tactics. It is not Christlike to employ such tactics. Jesus didn’t use tactics nor did the early Church. We must help our friends from other faiths see that we don’t have a political agenda, nor are we interested to report an increase in conversion to the west. Rather, like Jesus, we are genuinely interested in their eternal well-being.

For that to be seen, the gospel has to be preached as an extension of our lives and not as a separate standalone, after-thought or post-script.

Finally, if you follow the gospels closely we notice that Jesus is not interested in techniques instead, he identifies the real need of the person and offers Himself as the solution. And that takes us back straight to a loving God on a cross who identifies with man in the depths of his existence and then raises humanity up into something glorious.

I hope this helps.